Ashes (2014)

“I see Mommy.”

The father asked the babysitter to keep his wife’s horrific death a secret from his daughter, but the mother’s ghost isn’t ready to rest in peace.


  • Director: James Kwon Lee
  • Producer: Ting Ting Ng
  • Director of Photography: Arjun Kamath
  • Production Designer: Priscilla Spencer
  • Make-Up and FX: Megan Nicoll
  • Script Supervisor: Linda Kennedy
  • Stunt Coordinator: Kyro Wavebourne
  • Co-Producers: Emily Miller, Yuchen Yang
  • Gaffer: Wilson Holts, III
  • 1st AD: Joshua George
  • Grips: Aaron Louie, Brad Billington, Sean Sawyer


  • Reba — Alexia Dox
  • Mary — Nina Boyer
  • Darren — Rob Moore