I HAVE AN iPHONE! ALSO LEOPARD! The universe, she smiles.

Mmm, early birthday festivities are the best kind! November 23rd, by the way. :D I’ll be 23 on the 23rd, which I’ve been looking forward to since one of my childhood friends turned 7 on the 7th.

Suggestions for ringtones are welcome!

Well I’ll be! I just managed to restore my roommate’s final paper from deletion and recycle bin emptying, thus cementing my position in the universe as Golden Goddess of Technology and Win. All Windows users should download Restoration. It’s free, and it will save your sanity.

Meanwhile, oh look! That meme everyone is doing! (Modest and humble? Hahahaha!) Make sure you check out the behind the scenes footage on the website. *gurgles*

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Ray Casting assignment.