EEEE, YAY! Swussian Capitalist is back! Appropriate for Blue Moon Day, isn’t it? Oh, and Happy B-Day to JK Rowling and Harry Potter! And Cassie Claire, I understand? Happy Birthday to everyone, yay!

Colorado has been FANTASTIC. I’m coming back home tomorrow. Mmmmm, relaxed. I look forward to scanning and posting the 7-trillion-plus photos I’ve taken the past few days. And gah, I still haven’t posted my images from Santa Fe! Wow, I’m useless. :D

Oh, and the rest of the DNC? Rock on. I cannot WAIT to see Kerry and Bush face off in the debates. Kerry is going to wipe the floor with him. Man, that speech was awesome! (And am I the only one that missed the balloon mic hilarity? Good thing we taped it…)

Off to Colorado! I may have internet access, but I won’t be online much. In the meantime, does anyone know what the situation is with them needing extras for the filming of Serenity? Because I’m going to be in LA for nearly a week for Siggraph, including an extra day tacked on after the convention ends to explore the city and such. Are they still letting in any Browncoat that wants in, or was it only for a specific few days?

Barack Obama. WOW, how awesome was he tonight? I had never heard of him before. Now I want to move to Illinois just to be able to vote for him.

How soon can he run for President?

…and just finished all of Angel. I am free! And now that I have my life back, if anyone tries to sway me with another new fandom, I might have to hit them with sticks.

Onwards, to productivity!

So how awesome was Clinton’s speech at the DNC tonight? Booyeah.

Meanwhile, tonight I had a political discussion with my conservative aunts Nancy and Janet without massively wigging! Hurrah!

Angel season 5. Spike has taken to calling Wes “Percy”, and mocks him for being a Head Boy. Please tell me the writers were aware of what they were doing.

And whee, Joss is planning a Serenity comic! Huzzah!

Episode III title revealed: “Revenge of the Sith.” I wonder how it’s possible to still be disappointed by something with zero expectations to begin with. Urgh. Could Lucas possibly pick a title easier to make fun of? Can someone please just hit Lucas with a bat and save the Star Wars universe from further degradation? Or is it just far, far too late? Wah.

Meanwhile, yay for the Shindig! A splendid time was had by all. And really, really good pizza, too. Shirtless Simon + delicious pizza + the best brownies in history = Priscilla is a happy, happy girl.