Writer’s Assistant, Office Ninja, Producer, and Social Media Maven looking to leverage her passion for story, tireless work ethic, and resourcefulness into an assistant position in television development, producing, or literary representation.

Experience and Awards

Interim Assistant Director of Physical Production / January 2016 – April 2016
Administrative Assistant / January 2015 – December 2015

  • Co-Ran Office of Physical Production during Assistant Director’s leave of absence.
  • Served as office’s nerve center: fielded calls, triaged walk-ins, processed paperwork, and ordered supplies. Supervised and delegated to student workers.
  • Advised students on production responsibilities, logistics, and safety, and held students accountable for professional behavior.
  • Interfaced with government organizations, vendors, and all divisions of USC.
  • Maintained tracking grid and documentation for advanced-level projects.
  • Acted as primary billing specialist. Processed $160k in thousands of transactions.
  • Created location and vendor resource databases to better serve students’ needs. Revised manuals for employee training and student safety.

Development Intern / Los Angeles, CA / August – December 2015

  • Wrote coverage and identified, researched, and pitched works for adaptation.
  • Maintained office and kitchen at a high standard. Greeted guests and provided hospitality.
  • Ran errands and facilitated executives’ personal and professional needs.

Management Intern / Los Angeles, CA / August – December 2015

  • Covered Assistant desk. Maintained calendar, phone sheet, and contacts.
  • Handled heavy call volume (incoming and outgoing) for five executives.
  • Scheduled national and international travel on short notice.
  • Wrote coverage, performed extensive research, and evaluated potential clients. Created talent grids.

Development Intern / Los Angeles, CA / May – August 2015

  • Covered Assistant desk for Bryan Singer, Jason Taylor, and Richard Martin.
  • Maintained the office, ran errands, and performed industry research.
  • Wrote coverage for features, pilots, books, and graphic novels.

Assistant to multi-#1 NYT Bestselling Fantasy Author / April 2007 – Present

  • Co-runs official website, maintaining site contents and store. Administrates forum.
  • Creates press materials for news blog and official news twitter. Writes April Fool’s Day pranks.
  • Ran NY ComicCon fan dinner: organized venue, ticketing, VIP guests, costume and trivia contests, prize donations, and themed food and drinks.
  • Continuity edits novels, shorts, comics, and RPGs–over 5k pages to date.
  • Thematic Consultant on The Dresden Files graphic novels, including 2009 Hugo-nominated Welcome to the Jungle and NYT Graphic Books #1 bestselling Storm Front. Published by Dabel Brothers (2007-2009), Dynamite Entertainment (2009-present).  Vets all stages of comic creation, from artist selection and outline to print.
  • Designed TV series bible used at The Donners’ Company.

Illustrator / Penguin Random House, Del Rey, et al. / 2009 – Present

  • Spoke at opening reception for Texas A&M’s “Worlds Imagined” collection. Her presentation broke event attendance records for the library.
  • Runs store for map prints, controlling quality, materials, web infrastructure, inventory, financials, and global shipping.
  • “Map of the Westlands” for Seanan McGuire’s Once Broken Faith (2016), October Daye #10.
  • “Habble Morning,” “Habble Landing” and “Predator Schematic” for Jim Butcher’s Cinder Spires #1: The Aeronaut’s Windlass (2015) Penguin Random House. #5 on NYT Bestseller List.
  • Various Maps for Romance in the Air RPG (2015), Evil Hat Productions.
  • Map for Harry Connolly’s The Great Way trilogy (2014), Radar Avenue Press.
  • “Map of the Source” for Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier (2013) and “Battlefield Map” for Breach Zone (2014), Penguin.
  • Map of “Yggdrasil” for Kevin Hearne’s Trapped (2012), Iron Druid Chronicles #5, Del Rey.
  • Map for Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon (2011).
  • “The Realm of Alera and the Barbarian Lands” for Jim Butcher’s First Lord’s Fury (2009), from Penguin. #7 on NYT Bestseller list.

Student and Freelance / 2006 – Present

  • Crafted budgets and expense reports, hired crew, negotiated locations and rentals, managed difficult personalities, ensured safety.
  • Worked with USC’s Physical Production office to establish precedent for web series projects, including issues of insurance, access to SCA resources, and distribution rights.
  • Screened short films and webseries in festivals in 30+ cities on 6 continents.
  • Ran $15,000 Kickstarter. Led social media campaign to win IndieWire’s Project of the Month.
  • Winner: Audience Award for Best Overall Short Film at FilmOut San Diego and Women and Minorities In Media Festival (WAMMFest). Best Student Film at Desperado LGBT Film Festival. Best Undergraduate Short Film at Philadelphia Student Film Festival. Audience Award –
  • See full list of film projects below!

2001 – Present

  • Spoke at opening reception for Texas A&M’s “Worlds Imagined” collection. Presentation broke event attendance records for the library (2017).
  • Podcast Host: “The Butcher Block” and “Butcher ‘Spress” (2007-2009).
  • Podcast Guest:
  • Voice Over Performer:
    • The Lost City of Tomorrow (2016), dir. Auden Bui
    • Romance (2015), dir. Tracy Shen
    • (Z) (2013), dir. Spyros Kopanitsas
    • Ich Bin Nicht Der Führer (2012), dir. Edson Oda
    • Scratch VO for dozens of commercials at Launch NYC (2007-2011).
  • Film Extra:
    • Con Man episode 2×12 (2016), created by Alan Tudyk
    • Jessica’s Lament (2016), created by Kitty Krell
    • The Courtyard: A Documentary, created by Xing-Mai Deng.
  • Model for “Check These Out,” 2013 Literary Pinup Calendar by Lee Moyer, benefitting Heifer International.
  • Moderator and Panelist, ConDFW 2009: “Lights, Camera, Internet? – The Life of Stories in Other Media.” and “ePublishing – Dealing with the Internet”
  • High School and College Theatre: How to Succeed… (Smitty), Ten Little Indians (Emily), Pajama Game (Mae), 12th Night (Fabian), Dark of the Moon (Conjur Woman), Dido and Aeneas (Sorceress), Man of La Mancha (Aldonza), Trojan Women (Andromache), Annie Get Your Gun (Dolly), Lady in the Dark (Mystery Woman).

Character Technical Director / New York, NY / June 2007 – December 2011

  • Designed, modeled, rigged, and textured 3D characters for ad previs. Specialized in celebrity resemblance.
  • Liaised between departments, managed priorities, delegated tasks, and incorporated notes.
  • Designed and scripted tools to assist character modelers in building new faces.
  • Nominated for “Outstanding Commercial” Emmy on Coke “Finals” spot.

Publications and Web

  • Creative Consultant and Continuity Editor:
    • 2013 to 2017: Creative Consultant: Dresden Files Accelerated RPG
    • 2009 to Present: Continuity editor and beta reader for Jim Butcher’s novels and short stories, including The Dresden Files, The Codex Alera, and The Cinder Spires series.
    • 2009 to Present: Thematic Consultant on The Dresden Files graphic novels, including 2009 Hugo-nominated Welcome to the Jungle and NYT Graphic Books #1 bestselling Storm Front. Published by Dabel Brothers (2007-2009), Dynamite Entertainment (2009-present). Vets all stages of comic creation, from artist selection and outline to print.
    • 2007 to Present: Continuity Editor and “Secret Weapon” for The Dresden Files RPG: #1 Your Story, #2 Our World, and #3 The Paranet Papers, plus The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, all from Evil Hat Productions.
  • 2017: Real Maps, Unreal Places: The Maps of Imaginary Places Collection at Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, Journal of Cartographic Perspectives #84
  • 2017: How We Got the Shot: Teamwork at Desert Queen Ranch in Joshua Tree NP, National Parks at Night Blog
  • 2009 to Present: Fantasy Map Illustrator for the works of Jim Butcher, Seanan McGuire, Kevin Hearne, Myke Cole, Saladin Ahmed, Harry Connolly, and more. See above for greater detail.
  • 2007 to Present: Content manager and forum moderator for Jim-Butcher.com
  • 2011: Editorial photos of San Diego Comic Con and Hurricane Irene published via WorldNow to news sites in Phoenix, Amarillo, and more.
  • 2011: Essay contributor, “Brand New Day,” for Whedonistas: The Worlds of Joss Whedon and the Women Who Love Them. 2011, Mad Norwegian Press.


  • Founder of “Books for Boobs,” a fundraising program for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Raised over $12,000 and conquered two marathon-and-a-half Walks.
  • 2003: Who’s Who in American High School Students; National Merit Finalist
  • 1999: Inducted into MENSA

Short Films

  • 2016: “Jessica’s Lament” — Advisor, Assistant Director, Editor, VFX Artist, Featured Extra. Broke down director’s vision into shooting plan and schedule, ran the set, and edited the film. Starring Kitty Krell.
  • 2016: “Incredible Girl” promos: “Everyday” and “Community” — Director of Photography.
  • 2015: “Into the Forest” — Co-Writer, Producer, Production Designer.
  • 2015: “The KP Project” — Producer.  Live-action Kim Possible concept trailer, dir. Kim Shelby.
  • 2014: “The Ice Queen” web series — Writer, Director, Producer, Production Designer.  Created in USC’s Webisodes class.  2 episodes, 8 min each.
    • Official Selection: Phoenix Comicon 2015
    • Official Selection: GeekFest Film Festival, Year 2: Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, Fan Expo Canada, Long Beach Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Expo, Whedonopolis Con.
  • 2014: “Ashes” — Production Designer.  Dir. James Kwon Lee.
  • 2014: “Tomorrow” — Producer.  USC Advanced Production: Fiction (546) class, dir. Leandro Tadashi.  12 min.
    • Audience Award: FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival 2015; San Diego, CA
    • Audience Award: Women and Minorities in Media Film Festival; Towson, MD
    • Best Student Film: Desperado LGBT Film Festival; Phoenix, AZ
    • Finalist: VIII Edición del Pequeño Certamen de Cine de Ambiente; Seville, Spain
    • USA:  Santa Barbara LGBTQ Fim Festival; Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Northwest Film Forum; Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; 25th Annual Fresno Reel Pride Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Outfest Los Angeles; Queer Bits Summer Film Festival in Chicago, IL; Springfield LGBT Film Festival; 8th Annual Don Thompson LGBT Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA; Boston LGBT Film Festival;
    • EUROPE: Zinegoak in Bilbao, Spain; Budapest Pride LMBTQ Filmfesztival in Budapest, Hungary; OMOVIES 7 Festival di Cinema Omosessuale e Questioning in Naples, Italy; MERLINKA International Queer Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia; BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2015; In The Palace International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria.
    • SOUTH AMERICA: 22° Festival MixBrasil de Cultura da Diversidade in São Paolo, Brazil; OUTrageous! OutfestPerú 2015; Festival de Cine Universitario Intravenosa 2015 in Cali, Columbia; 2015 Curta o Gênero in Fortaleza, Brazil; Cinefestival – Festival Internacional de Cinema do Vale do Jaguaribe, Brazil; Rio Festival Gay De Cinema, Brazil.
    • ASIA: Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival; 6th Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in Mumbai, India.
    • AUSTRALIA: Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.
    • AFRICA: Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, South Africa.
  • 2013: “Off Track” — Producer.  USC thesis, dir. J.P. Jacobsen.  12 min.
    • Winner: Indiewire Project of the Month.
  • 2013: “Caroline’s Unconventional Birthday Party Bash” — Associate Producer.  USC thesis, dir. Roman Nesis.  12 min.
  • 2013: “(Z)” — Production Designer.  NYFA thesis, dir. Spyros Kopanitsas.
    • Official Selection: Downtown Film Festival LA
    • Official Selection: St. Albans Film Festival
  • 2013: “Eugene” — Production Designer. NYFA thesis, dir. Catalina Hoyos-Restropo.
  • 2013: “Terpsichore” — Producer, Editor.  USC 508, dir. Mark Burwick.  6 min.
  • 2013: “Monster Under the Bed” — Cinematographer, Production Designer, Puppet Construction, VFX Animator.  USC 508, dir. Kim Shelby.  6 min.
  • 2013: “Unfinished Business” — Writer, Director, Sound Designer, VFX Animator.  USC 508.  6 min.
  • 2012: “The Mind of Maxwell Hamer” — Writer, Director, Editor, Production Designer.  USC 507.  5 min.
  • 2012: “Popular Science” — Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor.  USC 507.  5 min.
  • 2006: “Zeyen and Nazia” — Co-Creator (specifically acting coach, script supervisor, credits animator). Penn, Cinema Productions class.
    • Winner: Best Undergraduate Film, Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival.
    • Official Selection: Ivy League Film Festival
  • 2007: “Ro Sham Bo” — Co-Writer, animator, modeler.  For Computer Modeling and Animation Applications at Penn.
  • 2006:“Boz” and “The First Noel” — prop modeler at ReelFX in Dallas, TX.
  • 2005: “Little Old Lady Land” — Short animated film. For 3D Animation class at Penn.

Education / Coursework

University of Pennsylvania
BSE in Digital Media Design with Film Studies Minor, Graduated May 2007.

University of Southern California
MFA in Film and TV Production, Graduated December 2015.

Photography Workshops

  • 2016: Cuba Travel Workshop – Lorne Resnick
  • Santa Fe Workshops: Infrared and Hand-Coloring – Marcia Reifman
  • Santa Fe Workshops: Seeing Light – Tony O’Brien
  • Santa Fe Workshops: Infrared and The Handmade Print – Jill Enfield
  • Santa Fe Workshops: Visual Poetry – Keith Carter


  • Office: Microsoft Office Suite (incl. Word, Excel, and Outlook), Google Docs, Keynote, FileMakerPro.
  • Visual Art: Adobe Creative Suite (incl. Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat, and InDesign), Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Sketchup.
  • Film: Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Movie Magic Scheduling & Budgeting, Avid, ProTools, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects.


  • Spoken: English (Native), French (Advanced Reading, Intermediate Speaking), Spanish (Intermediate).
  • Programming: Java, MEL, OpenGL, HTML, CSS.
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