Tomorrow (2014)


Tomorrow from Leandro Tadashi on Vimeo.


In a verdant park in a southern California suburb, a small crowd of high schoolers cheer the last sunset of the old millennium–it’s New Year’s Eve 1999. But all is not well in their small circle. With the milestone comes the pressure to redefine oneself–a pressure that will test and transform the bonds of their friendship.

Sensitive, introverted Clark struggles with how and whether to express his long-concealed love for his best friend, Trevor, who wants to use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to win a midnight kiss from the vivacious, free-spirited Sarah–and enlists Clark as his wingman.


  • Director: Leandro Tadashi
  • Writer: Joshua Paul Johnson
  • Producers: Ivan Bordas and Priscilla Spencer
  • Cinematography: Teddy Martland and Sam Ziaie
  • Editors: Avi Glick and Edson Oda
  • Production Designers: Grey Cusack and Angelica Torres
  • Costume Designer: Jessyca Bluwal
  • Sound: Lindsay Armstrong and Jamie Napoli
  • Assistant Director: Tony Rettenmaier
  • Songs: India House
  • Original Music: Nick Soole



  • Clark: Daniel Rashid
  • Trevor: Zachary Roozen
  • Sarah: Katie Baker
  • Tom: Joey Balderrama
  • Katie: Kirstin Louie