Well. That was an utter waste of eight hours. We did our first shoot for “Zeyen and Nazia”, the short film we’re making for my Cinema Production class. Now, our actress was great in auditions when she was interacting with another person, but when she’s just doing stuff on her own? GAH. And my role was “Acting Coach”, so it was my job to try to figure out how to cajole a SINGLE FACIAL EXPRESSION out of her. And one of these was a very emotional, pivotal scene! Her face was totally blank the entire time, even when Gopal (the screenwriter) and I tried to coach her from off-camera, to tell her what to do. AAARGH. And my experience was not improved by the untimely death of my digital camera or the looming Poli Sci midterm tomorrow morning.

(Rest in Pieces)

Melvin (Frohike)
beloved digital camera

Saved the World A Lot,
Then Fell off A Chair
onto hardwood flooring.
Stupid 1-Year Warranty.

Usually, when something of this magnitude happens, I would take a picture of myself mourning the camera and bemoaning its battle scars. But I don’t have a digital camera anymore! Bitter irony on top of deepest angst!

Oh! Forgot to mention that in class on Wednesday, we showed the class the audition tapes for the short film we’re producing, “Zeyen and Nazia.” I was offscreen, reading lines with the actor as they auditioned. We found an East-Asian guy we really liked, but we weren’t as happy with the crop of South-Asian girls. After seeing several, one of the guys piped up, “Can’t we just put Priscilla in makeup?” I was amused.

So last night I saw Mirrormask with Will, which was utterly phenomenal. If it’s playing near you, you really need to see it on the big screen! I’ve seen some reviews that say it drags on a bit long, but I was too spellbound to notice the time going by.

After the movie was over, I raced back to Annenberg (with five minutes to spare!) to see Aaron in Metamorphoses, which was great! They managed to bring the Funny without detracting from the Drama, which can be a fine line. One of my favourite bits was the directorial decision that the guys, in Ancient Greek thespian tradition, wear lipstick and eyeliner. Too funny for words.

And now, back to homework and Poli-Sci Midterm studying. WAH.

Woohoo! I have officially weaseled my way into a Cinema Studies minor! Also picked up laundry and sent package to Mum. Chungy, I sent your package Tuesday.

I am SO CONFUSED. I think my local UPN affiliate just didn’t air an entire scene. I’m so glad Ko didn’t have dance class tonight, because I definitely needed a “Wha? What was this character doing and why?” partner. I can’t wait for my the VM fandom contingent of my flist to check in, so I can see if the episode indeed aired as I saw it.

Though I was amused to notice that the actress that played the psychic also played Amber Benson’s mother in Chance.

EDIT: Apparently, there was indeed a missing scene! Guess I’ll be waiting with bated breath for it to go on BitTorrent, like everybody else.

Lost fans: tonight’s and next weeks’ episodes are reruns. Why not take this opportunity to check out Veronica Mars, which airs on UPN at the same time? You won’t regret it!

Also, be sure to check out Season 1 on DVD.