WOOHOO! The press release is out, so I can finally say that my friend Will is going to be on Season 4 of Beauty and the Geek! Tune in September 18th and cheer on the guy who helped me pass CSE 262: Automata, Computability, and Complexity! And Algorithms. And even Networked Life. And he even looked over my code on more than one occasion when I was bashing my head against the wall the night before a major project was due and it wasn’t running properly.

Come on, admit it. The names of those courses alone make you want to cry!

So ALL HAIL WILL, WHO SAVED ME FROM FAILING! I never thought I’d ever be excited to watch a reality TV show. In the meantime, join his Facebook group. Because Will Frank is definitely my favourite Geek!

…And why did my RSS feed just go all spammy? Apologies to anyone reading my blog that way.

But on a totally unrelated note, the order for the posters went through, so I call this a win!

Noooooooo! Why are you sold out, Serenity Blue Sun Travel Poster Set? I wants them, precious! I wants them!

How perfect would they be in my new apartment? Moderately classy-looking AND nerdy as all get-out! I shall watch you for restocking, yes I will.

Edit: OMG, they’re back! You are MINE, poster set! And you will be classily matted and framed to match my furniture. Now if only the FREAKING WEBSITE would process my order!

(and I wrote this on the 23rd. Say whaaaaaaat?)

*snorks* Wow, a comic strip that encapsulates my life that isn’t from xkcd!

In other news: On September 1st, Fandom Brings Back the Porn.

So! Life continues to keep me quite busy. In addition to my mad scramble to find furnishings for my new apartment, on Monday and Wednesday, I stayed at work until 2AM and midnight, respectively. Twelve total hours of overtime in two days, in addition to what’s already a 10-hour workday! It’s like being back in high school, working until ridiculous hours on theatre plus robots and electromagnets and catapults and the like. :D

I seem to have arrived at Launch at a perfectly opportune moment. Over the summer, as we’d been getting fewer jobs in, a great deal of effort was expended on R&D and improving our existing libraries of bodies, faces, hairstyles, clothing, etc., and better laid-out UVs result in clothing that is much easier to texture, giving us the ability to create more detailed patterns and designs. I’m so amazed at the quality of characters we’re putting together, and I know the higher-ups at the company are, too. My boss was kind of gushing. :D

Woohoo, I love my job!

Want to check out the hilarious Flight of the Conchords, but can’t be bothered to download the episodes online? Good news! They’re all streaming at AllFotC.com.

Give in to the kiwi goodness!

Man, I don’t know what’s up with me lately! You could probably count the number of posts I’ve made since graduation without taking your shoes off. A lot of stuff has happened! Let me tell you all about it.

Tuesday, I signed the lease for my first real apartment! It’s at 6th and Avenue D, and it’s huuuuuuuuge, yet reasonably priced! I’ll be rooming with Sangita Vyas, who I’ve known since I was four. We both went to Hockaday together for all 14 years, then we both went to Penn, and now we’re both living in New York! Jinkies! I spent this and yesterday evening browsing home furnishings/accessories and getting ideas and taking pictures. Now I can make little room mockups in Photoshop (or OMG IN MAYA!) so I don’t take any big plunges without due thought. I am a geek!

One of the places I checked out was called ABC Carpet and Home. With a name like that, you’d imagine it would be a pretty cheap place, yes? Quite the contrary. They were selling little decorative pillows for more than I make in a week. But I spent half an hour browsing its six stories, because I kept getting ideas as to how I could make stuff that gave off a similar vibe really inexpensively. I am feeling so crafty right now!

Tonight I also shopped for a mattress. Without thinking, I got a twin, as that’s what I’ve always slept in, but upon further reflection, I might change my mind tomorrow and upgrade to a full. I can change my order without penalty as long as I notify them before they deliver it on Saturday. Gotta love great customer satisfaction policies! I’ll most likely stick with the twin, but it’s fun to know I have the option.

In short: WOOHOO.

Making Money comes out September fiiiiiiiiiiirst! But alas, Pterry will not be signing in the US this year. He didn’t last year, either. I HATE YOU, COLLEGEBOXES, FOR LOSING MY SIGNED DISCWORLD FAMILY VALUES POSTER. And, y’know, everything else they lost.

Still bitter after a year? No, not at all.

But ROCK ON! Making Money just appeared on the New York Public Library’s website, so I quickly placed a hold. There’s only one hold ahead of me, and they’re getting in 6 copies at my favourite location (72 copies over all the branches!), so I’ll get the book as soon as the library does! WIN!

The New York Public Library is so much love.