Calling all Firefly fans and friends of Firefly fans that want to make their acquaintances happy beyond words!

We need to show Fox how big the demand is for a Firefly soundtrack. All relevant info is here. Please take a couple minutes of your time and let Fox know that fans want a soundtrack, and how much moolah Fox stands to gain from such a venture!

Has anyone successfully managed to use Photoshop’s Save For Web function on a batch process? I have a bunch of jpgs, and I’d like to compress their size without sacrificing too much quality, and I’ve had great results with Save For Web. Of course, there are so many of them, and doing them individually would be nightmarish. I’ve been ignoring the problem lately, but now Alicey is having the same issue. Has anyone managed to get it to work?

HBP Spoiled for Tom Hanks. Utterly hilarious, and merrily spoiler-laden. Ganked from Indy!

Way funnier than the bookstore drive-by, which was more mean than funny. Also, he said that he was in Dallas, and the storefront looked unsettlingly like the Borders I went to. If I hadn’t dressed in costume and was stuck with ticket #239, might I have been one of those unlucky people that happened to be outside at the time?

*snorks* After watching the deeply traumatic “Dive From Clausen’s Pier”, I continued my persuit of ex-Mutant Enemy-ers by watching the trailer for the new “Posiedon Adventure”, co-starring Adam Baldwin. The opening of the trailer was set to “The Lusty Month of May”, from Camelot, clearly chosen for its nostalgic quality and appropriateness for a cruise ship of very wealthy individuals. This delighted me, as I love Camelot, and it was so unexpected!

But as the trailer got more and more intense, the song kept going, overlayed with a counterpoint of more action-appropriate music. What a powerfully ironic directorial choice, I thought to myself! Then I paused the trailer because my mom came in, but the music was still going. Then I realized that I’d forgotten to turn off iTunes when I’d muted my computer, and iTunes had just happened to be playing “The Lusty Month of May” on its methodical plod through my library, and it just happened to be perfectly synched to sound fitting with the trailer. I’m half disappointed, half “wow, that was serendipitously awesome”.


You’ll see the reasons for the great Brittlove in the next few days. In the meantime: YAYLOFF!

*snorks* The MPAA has insisted on a modification of the new Serenity poster, removing River’s gun. Apparently, this is because of some rule regarding the use of firearms by one underage. If they object so to weaponry, shouldn’t they be modifying the Star Wars posters, too? If I remember correctly, according to my shooting script, Luke was supposed to be 16 in ANH (while River is 17 at the time of Serenity), yet there he is, in almost every poster, weilding either a blaster or a lightsaber. You know what effect that might have on impressionable young children!

(Yes, I understand why it’s important. It’s just funny, and a bit annoying. The poster was growing on me.)