Huzzah! Wow, what was shaping up to be a horrible afternoon just turned around. My “Da Vinci’s Notebook” CDs just arrived! ::revels in the joy::

Yay, now the fact that my gradutation hat is hideous doesn’t matter anymore! ::grooves to the tunes::

As I try to divert my attention from the fact that today is graduation day, I am pleasantly distracted by the observation that there are now 20 days until “Order of the Phoenix” and 200 days until “Return of the King”. Word.

Also: 37 days until “The Well of Lost Plots” (Jasper Fforde) and 144 days until “Monstrous Regiment” (Terry Pratchett). w00t to the 00t.

Cool tip I learned randomly from the ReelFX guys:

When typing in a dotcom address, just type the domain word (i.e. “Google”) then press Ctrl+Enter. It’ll type in the “http://www.” and “.com” for you. Nerdy fun!

Finding Nemo = awesome! The turtles are my new heroes, and I swear, Dori is my clone. Yay for the exceptionally spacey! Yay for those distractable by singsongs and shiny objects!

I went with a big group of fellow seniors, but the rest of the theatre was full top to bottom with kidlets of all ages. The perfect audience for a kiddie movie like this, because you get gales of laughter at the funny bits and the occasional kid asking Mommy questions about the movie in a loud voice, which in any other situation would be annoying as hell, but in this situation is cute beyond words. Go see it!

I wuv woo, Pixar… *is filled with t00by loff*

Good gravy. There’s a new meme on the street that lists the top grossing films of all time. Because I’ve seen a disgusting number of them and Blogger has no convenient LJ-cut feature, I’ll post the few that I haven’t seen. And for your reference, here’s the full list, courtesy of Brenna. 81/100. Italics on those that I’d like to see.

I have not seen:

42. Dances with Wolves (1990 – $424,200,000)

47. Batman (1989 – $413,100,000)

48. Rain Man (1988 – $412,800,000)

49. The Bodyguard (1992 – $410,900,000)

51. Gone with the Wind (1939 – $390,500,000)

52. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991 – $390,400,000)

58. What Women Want (2000 – $370,800,000)

60. True Lies (1994 – $365,200,000)

61. Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995 – $365,000,000)

62. Notting Hill (1999 – $363,000,000)

69. The Exorcist (1973 – $357,500,000)

71. Basic Instinct (1992 – $352,700,000)

75. Se7en (1995 – $350,100,000)

76. Hannibal (2001 – $349,200,000)

91. The Rock (1996 – $330,500,000)

93. Crocodile Dundee (1986 – $328,000,000)

97. Schindler’s List (1993 – $321,200,000)

99. Fatal Attraction (1987 – $320,100,000)

100. Lethal Weapon 3 (1992 – $319,700,000)

Quote of the Day:

Monica: I have noticed this seems to be the case with most fanartists: when we have a problem, we just draw some naked pretty boys and all is solved. Gotta love us.

Sam: I think nakedness as a way of combating flamewars is a fantastic idea. From now on, when anyone yells at me, I shall draw naked women. Even if it doesn’t stop them yelling, I’ll be happier.