::snickers:: I can’t believe I’m posting this.

Written/composed during history class while I was supposed to be learning about Adams and Jefferson’s presidency. Muaha. It’s the first verse to one of the songs from Men at Arms: The Musical. (mp3 file, 683K) It’s supposed to take place after Angua runs away. If I don’t move on to more entertaining ways to fill my time (particularly History classes), it will eventually be a nifty three-part song in the style of Aida’s “A Step Too Far”. I start giggling madly whenever I think about this.

Apologies for the pathetic voice job; I wasn’t warmed up, so the high and low notes are nasty. I recorded it in a few minutes while my parents were out running errands, so therefore it was rather hurried.

Okay, back to the research paper. Meh. ::frowls::

I’d get a life, but not having one is so much more entertaining!

(Note: This is a joke. It has always been a joke. It will always be a joke. If you want to take it seriously, then you are a loser. If you are a laywer, please don’t sue me, for I have no money. Muaha.)

Ugh, I’d forgotten how much I hate CGing with a mouse. I’m in my Digital Imaging class right now, and I’m trying to use some of my free time to work on the calendar CGs. Unbeknownst to me, however, for no reason whatsoever, all the computers in the lab had been reformatted last night, meaning that I would have to reinstall the Wacom software for my tablet. Of course, because I had no way of knowing, I didn’t bring the software with me this morning. Now I have to mouse CG for the rest of the lesson. Percy, I hate mouse CG. I’ve been spoiled by my beloved tablet. Meh. ::grudgingly goes back to CGing Ginny::

Happy Hallowe’en, everybody! ::kicks school’s dress code policy:: Well, at least I’ll be able to dress up next year…

Note to self: Putting off your research paper by trying to make it more tolerable is not a good idea. Actual content removed for the sake of my weblog readers’ sanity.

Fiendishly Evil Research Paper Outline of Doom

By Priscilla the Infinitely Wise, Destroyer of Grammatical Rules Involving Parallel Structure

I. Intro

II. PrimaFluff

III. Fluff – Part Deux

IV. Le Troisième Fluffe

V. QuatroFluff

VI. Fluffe de Cinq?

VII. Loose Ends and Such

VIII. Conclusion of Doom

Gah, I really have to work. Why am I such a lazy slacker?