Renata: N. This is what we call a “ghost post.” I am blogging from beyond the grave!

So. *cackles* So much love for all the ridiculous similarities between The Dresden Files and Psych. As I pointed out before, both series already have a smartass private detective with apparent supernatural abilities, brought in as a police consultant by a blonde cop named Karen. But in tonight’s episode? Juliette wears a necklace remarkably similar to TV Murphy’s. I am so easily entertained.

There was a brief island of squee earlier this week when I bid on an Advance Reader’s Copy of the next Dresden book, White Night. I knew going in that there was no way I was going to get it, because in the past they’ve always sold for over a hundred bucks (which I wouldn’t pay even if the book was printed on solid gold. Well, okay, maybe then). Still, there was a lovely nine hours last Sunday when I could pretend it was mine. 7 weeks to go! (Edit: the auction just ended, and it went for $192.50. Some people have too much money.)

I got out of the dorm more this week, despite the bitter cold. During the month of February, Penn has a series of events for the seniors almost every night, collectively called “Feb Club.” Tuesday night, a group of friends and I went to the trendy, pan-Asian restaurant Pod for drinks. We each had one, over the course of an hour, and I was amused that I wasn’t even tipsy, unlike some of my friends. I’ve never had enough alcohol at one time to actually get drunk, and I was curious to see if I’d inherited my mom’s lightweightedness, but I guess not! I’ll still be very careful until I figure out exactly how my body reacts to alcohol, though, because I am not an idiot.

Thursday, I went to Ko’s play, which was utterly hilarious. It was put on by the English department, and it was a series of three scenes from different plays, on the theme of unrequited love. Ko played a housewife having an affair, and she gave what was easily the funniest performance in the show (well, with the exception of Professor Rachetti, who played a Puck character through all three, and was brilliant). Ko wins!

Last night, I saw The Vagina Monologues (also known as The Hoohah Monologues among conservative idiots), which was excellent. Sterling performances all around: some hilarious, some insightful, some devastating.

So apologies for not posting in forever. Here, have some funny stuff!

Kat: [as Maggie, her gay RPG character] I would totally turn straight for John Barrowman.
Me: I would turn gay so I could turn straight for John Barrowman.
Kat: John Barrowman is definitely worth changing sexual orientations more than once for.

Also, Will linked me to this great article on The Onion. I would totally vote for him.

Not funny, but fangeekish: Drive promo, focusing on Nathan Fillion!