Glee! I was browsing Ellen Datlow’s livejournal, looking for references to an anthology she’s editing that features a short story by Jim, when I came upon a reference to her anthology featuring a short story written by my college roommate! I boggle at the spectacular pedigree of authors involved. Ko is in great company!

Kat and I have invented a new game: Flan In the Cupboard! See how many ways you can describe the slow collapse of the McCain campaign in a pithy metaphor.

Me: like a punctured tire
Kat: An air mattress with a hole you just can’t find.
Me: a week-old mylar balloon
Kat: A Coke left out all night.
Me: Violet Beauregarde in the hands of the Oompa-Loompas
Kat: Those giant balloons the day after the Rose Parade.
Me: A randy young guy who just discovered the hot chick he picked up at a bar has a suspicious bulge.
Kat: A bitten-into dumpling.

I think you can tell what I thought of the third Presidential debate. :D

Man, watching political anything is infinitely better when I’m with Ko. Yes, my beloved college roommate crashed at my apartment last night! She flew out of JFK at crazy o’clock this morning, so it was my job to deny her beauty sleep through obnoxious giggling and general tomfoolery. We heckled the debate with an enthusiasm that would shame Rocky Horror audiences, exchanged much-needed back rubs, and squealed over photos of Ko’s new gerbil and the surprise babies that came a week later. SO CUTE! She’ll be in and out of NY the next few weeks, and I look forward to more of the unquenchable silliness that accompanies our reunions!

Ha! Ko read this post, then came into my room and hit me over the head with this. She said she didn’t have any two-by-fours, but I guess a two-by-a millimeter works. :D

She couldn’t explain why she wrote Harry/?, as she is a known Harry/Susan shipper. I wonder if she is beginning to see the appeal of the undeniably sexy Harry/Question Mark. (The Question Mark: Curves where it counts, but watch out, it always has a period?)

Anyway, for those unfamiliar, “Lo/Ve” is Logan/Veronica on Veronica Mars (which I don’t ship), Tavi/Kitai and Amara/Berard are from Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series (which I ship like mad), Harry/Question Mark refers to Harry of The Dresden Files, and Harry/Hermione I don’t ship either, but it’s better than Hermione/Ron. *waves Harry/Luna flag*