Standard Breakfast Conversation at Launch:

Me: This big bagel-cutting knife made me think of this video I watched this morning of a guy who invented a slingshot rifle that shoots machetes.

Kevin: What use would that be?

Me: Defending against the inevitable zombie invasion, probably. I’d want him on my side.

Kevin: That doesn’t sound very efficient. I mean, you could probably take out a small part of the horde, but what happens when the zombies got closer?

Me: Then you’d have a lot of machetes. Machetes are an excellent weapon against zombies.

Kevin: That’s true. Okay, he can be on our team. But I still think the best weapon would be a lightsaber. Zombies are no match for lightsabers.

Me: I don’t know. If you had zombies and lightsabers, you’re just asking for the creation of a bunch of Sith Lords. Fear of zombies is the path to the Dark Side.

Kevin: *snort*

Me: Fear of zombies leads to anger at zombies, and anger at zombies leads to hatred of zombies. Hate leads to everyone suffering because of the zombies.

Linda (who is getting married in July): See? This is why 3D people need to marry 3D people. So we can have these conversations without the other person sighing and going away.

Coworker: I have one change for you guys. The cashier’s apron needs to be blue.
Me: Pale blue, sky blue, bright blue, slate blue, navy blue?
Coworker: Dannon blue.
Me: So like, Container Store blue?
Coworker: Dannon blue!

Wow. I just had another moment of glorious realization that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Man, this past month has screwed me up.

Just got off the phone with Raoul Bhaneja, who played Kirmani on the Dresden Files TV show. What a great guy–so generous with his time! He talked for over an hour, mostly about his Hamlet (solo) project and the Dresden Files, but also branching out into musings on the sci-fi/fantasy genre and its emergence from the fringe to a centerpiece of pop culture and dramatic storytelling. It was somewhat difficult to get a word in edgewise, but as he was covering all the questions I’d planned for him on his own, it wasn’t necessary to steer the interview in any other direction.

I’ll have to give some thought to how I’m going to release it. As the longest episodes of the Butcher Block have landed at the 45 minute mark, with most episodes hovering near 30, I’m not sure how the hour-long running time will go over with our listenership. T’will be something to ponder!

In other news… iPhones allow you to program a number of alarms, to repeat on specific days and suchlike. I just had the ecstatic pleasure of turning the “Weekend Work” alarm OFF. OH, RAPTURE! I’m off Sunday and I’m on call Saturday, but hopefully I won’t be summoned. Finally, I’ll be able to get stuff done! Stuff like sleep. Sleep is good stuff to do. I think I’ll do some now.

Last night, I dreamed that Obama had polio, but he still managed to win Dancing With the Stars.

WTF, brain.

Anyway, today continues my Unending Work Week Streak. I’ve had one day off since Memorial Day, and I’ll be working both today and tomorrow and all through next week. Hopefully I’ll get next weekend off. Why did my job have to wait until I had a boyfriend to get crazy?


This message has been brought to you by the fact that I was at work until 3:30am last night, and I’ve only had one day off since Memorial Day.

I plan to go to sleep at 10 tonight.

That was the most AWESOME voice-over session EVER. I just recorded ten lines in a language I do not speak. :D

(And the character’s name I was reading for? Molly. Gotta love those weird coincidences!)


Hilarious: Young Hillary Clinton

Very cool article with the best headline ever: Monkeys Control Robots With Their Minds

And in a similar vein: Monkey vs. Robot

Star Wars: That’s What She Said!

Human Tetris is coming to America. It’s going to be on Fox. There is something perfect about this news.

Oldest Live-Birth Fossil Found; Fish Had Umbilical Cord. Cthulhu fhtagn!

This is really nerdy, but… I wish they had these when I was in college. Sheer Post-It Notes! Genius!

Grammar Tip: When asked by your roommate how late you stayed at work Wednesday night,

SAY: “I was there until 12:30.”
DON’T SAY: “I was only there until 12:30.”

The latter is symptomatic of insanity.

My Work Schedule This Past Week:

Monday: 9am-3:30am
Tuesday: Noon-7pm
Wednesday: 9am-7pm
Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-12:15am

Satuday: 10am-5:30pm

Whereupon I boarded a train for New Haven, ate a small salad, saw Ko’s RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING AND FANTABULOUS dance show, met some of her friends, enjoyed a brief tour of the law school, imbibed some ridiculously good hot chocolate with Bailey’s at Ko’s cast party, slept, showered, boarded a train for Grand Central, and…

Sunday: 12:30pm – 12:15am

I can has weekend plz?

I want to sleep for a week. Friday can’t come soon enough.