Muaha, callbacks today. I was one of four pairs brought out to play Viola and Sebastian, so I at least stand a chance at the part. Just one senior ahead of me, if I remember correctly, so I can’t eliminate hope altogether. Plus, if I don’t get a role (there are only 4 or 5 for girls — I don’t think he’s using a chorus this time), I can try out for the student production of “Kiss Me, Kate”, which is always nifty. And I’m going to help out with set production at Jesuit, so it’s all good. Ignore that last post about the show; chalk it up to that time of the month.

I really have to “brush up on my Shakespeare”. I must have been too sheltered to understand a lot of the jokes when I read some of the plays for school. Hilarious stuff. Still, so many books, so little time. ::sigh:: What kind of world do we live in when people have seen or read dozens of parodies of Shakespeare but never the source material? Crazy place, this planet. Remind me never to go there.

Meanwhile, the quiz demon in me has won out. I’ll be good, I promise.

Hitchhiker’s Guide Character: Near tie between Ford and Zaphod, but in the end, the ego came out on top.

Maturity Test: I am somewhat immature.

Priscellie would like to take a moment to say that Partial Derivative Calculus is made especially not-fun when you have a History test to study for and an English paper to write, but what you want to be doing is recording the next “Men at Arms” song. Curse my parents for getting back early! ::pouts:: So annoying. And those stupid backwards-6 d thingies look too much like the number 2. Bah! I’m a junior in high school! Why am I taking weird calculus courses? I don’t even want to go into engineering anymore! Whine, whine, whine. Meh upon all homework.

Oh, good lord. In Multimedia Engineering, my group started playing with this application that would display notes in music. To test it, Jill spoke and I sang into the microphone. Unfortunately, I sang a bit too loudly. And the classroom doors were open. My friend Ashley reports that the class across the hall, Patrizi chemistry, was unexpectedly seranaded with the score to “West Side Story” while working on homework. At one point, Mr. Patrizi entered the classroom from his office, pantomiming the actions of a histrionic opera singer. Now Patrizi’s class is abuzz with amusement. And I had no idea this was going on. Next time I get the urge to burst into song, I’m closing the doors beforehand.

Faith says she wants the next Diary to be Vimes. Cause to ponder. Before, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do Vimes, as the Watch books tend to have a lot of Vimes limited 3rd person POV stuff already. Then I thought of “The Truth” and “The Last Hero”. Muaha. Subject to change, but I think the next will be Vimes in “The Last Hero”. Very amusing. I’m also making progress on Angua in “Men at Arms”, so those two should be posted eventually. Hurrah! Attempting to write from Carrot’s point of view is just scary. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Also high on my list: Vetinari in “Feet of Clay” (muah!), The Luggage (Color of Magic? Interesting Times?), Nobby (Guards! Guards!)

Or possibly: Twoflower (Color of Magic?), Death (Dunno. Jingo?)

Any other suggestions?

Me: I don’t think I’ve ever done a pink website. I hate pink.

Chungy: Your website now is pink! It ranges from pink to orange to blue…

Me: It’s not pink, it’s pastel red!

Holy Percy! There *is* someone that spells Eleanor without the extra “e”! My alterego is redeemed! Thank you, Tolkien! ::mocks Elanor Gamgee and pokes Elanor Rosenthal with a sharp stick::

Random tnm.n update: added my “Secret Diaries” to “Stuff” and added a Guestbook. I’ll probably add graphics (like Kell’s) later, but schoolwork calls. Meh.

::throws a fit:: Why, why WHY did I try out for Hockaday? Sure, I’m a fairly good actress, but Mr. Blaydes takes seniors. Just because Drama Legend Jennifer Clary got leading roles from 2nd semester sophomore year, on, doesn’t mean I’m in the same boat. I think I did well on my reading, but there are always seniors. Plus, I don’t know if I really look enough like any of the St. Marks guys to be Viola. ::kicks stuff:: I should have tried out for Jesuit. All day, I was lost. No one would give me any advice, leaving me to flounder around on my own. Eventually, I settled on turning on my car CD player after school and going to Jesuit if the track was odd-numbered and Hockaday if it was even-numbered. Curse you, track 16. Now I’m probably going to end up with some chorus part. Arg. ::whines:: Still have a chance, though. Gotta cross my fingers.