The recycling program Linda and I started a few months ago is now OFFICIAL COMPANY POLICY! And it has been expanded from just plastic to paper, glass, and aluminum cans, too!

Thank you, Awesome Boss!

Now I have to figure out what my next goal will be. Now that “recycle” is in place, it’s time to “reduce” and “reuse.” I’d like to find a way to reduce the number of plastic bottles we go through, whether that be by getting a Brita or a water cooler, and having everyone use reusable glasses/mugs. Or if reusable glasses are too much to hope for, maybe we could replace the non-recyclable paper cups with a biodegradable alternative. Recyclable paper towels in the bathroom would cut down on waste quite a bit, as well.

And of course, because my boss is trying to run a business, it all needs to be cost-effective. I’m going to make an appointment to chat with our financial guy to figure out how much we’re currently paying, to see what kind of wiggle room I have.

This is going to be fun. It’s nice to have a mission!

Aww, I love my coworkers. Work has been very stressful the past few days, especially as my partner, Chris, took off Friday and Monday to move into his new apartment, and his alarm didn’t go off this morning, meaning he got in around 11. My job feels about four times harder when doing it on my own, and some of the time frames our producers have been giving me alone would be tight even with both of us working on the characters at the same time.

Anyway, I got a text message from Chris after work: “Thank you so much for all your hard work lately. It is not going unnoticed obviously. You rock.”

Warm fuzzies. :D

Though alas, on the cold, non-fuzzy front, Michael Crichton died yesterday. His were some of the first “adult” novels I read. I remember being nine years old, and my mom (quite wisely) wouldn’t let me see Jurassic Park, so I checked out the book from the library and read that instead. Then I picked up Sphere, which became one of my favourite books at that age. My sister asked me if I was carrying around “big books” to make me look smarter.

I don’t think I’ve read anything of his since junior high, but… he had a hand in shaping the craziness that is my brain today. He was singly responsible for kicking off my paleontology obsession phase. He will be missed.

Challenge: Dress male character in a yellow bodysuit that is sexy, bold, and daring.

Thought Process: Hmm, I suppose I could look at how they translated comic book Wolverine’s yellow spandex bodysuit to the screen for the X-Men movies OH WAIT THEY DIDN’T. And you know why they didn’t? Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE without making him look like a TROPICAL FISH.

WHY, out of all the colors in the rainbow, would you pick YELLOW?

I love my job.

*sighs and goes to look for Olympic speed skating bodysuits as reference*

We at Cult of Lincoln felt that the first episode of Fire At My Workplace was so successful we decided to bring it back for Round Two!

First, we noticed the smell of smoke. Then, we noticed the five firetrucks outside (the other two were in the other direction). Then we noticed the steady stream of smoke emanating from the the sewer grate nearest our building and a flickering red glow coming from below, with occasional mini-explosions therein. A fireman removed the sewer grate… and the fire TRIPLED in intensity! In the red-orange glow, we could discern actual flames! Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be breathing this stuff in. After about fifteen minutes of us gawking, they turned on the hose. Then after about ten minutes of that, the fire still wasn’t completely out, and they changed the direction of the hose.

And then I went back to work. Not sure what’s happening now. But it’s probably awesome.

So. Shepherd Book’s story will be told in a graphic novel.

In what twisted parallel universe is that a good idea? Are there shrimp? Maybe some terrifying space monkeys? Dude, Joss, don’t give in to fan pressure. Serenity told us absolutely everything we needed to know on that count. Our imaginations have already filled in that gap. I have complete, utter confidence in your supreme televisionary and cinematic genius, but the comics… I just haven’t been able to get into any of the Mutant Enemy-based comics. Not “Those Left Behind,” not that spate of Angel comics that came out shortly after S5 ended, not Buffy Season 8… Feh.

Oh well. Everyone else in the thread is beside themselves with glee, so clearly I’m overreacting. Maybe I’ll feel happier about the news when I’m not all muscle-achy and miserable from doing an hour of continuous pratfalls for mocap yesterday. :D Ah, I love my job.

I have the best job ever. As a thank-you for us staying so late Monday and Tuesday (I stayed until 2 and 1:15, respectively), they said we could come in at 11 this morning. I slept 10 hours last night and took the most decadent bath in the history of the universe, then I went for a walk because I feel like I’ve been losing a little weight lately and wanted to encourage this, then I returned all the books to the library that I’d finished but hadn’t gotten a chance to return.

All the refreshment of a weekend on a Thursday morning! Win!