And Veronica Mars is a thing of the past. A beautiful, brilliant, snarky, clever, prematurely canceled thing of the past. And I want to kill both the CW for ending in in favor of utter dreck and Rob Thomas for ending it that way.

The CW is made of fail. Their new schedule makes baby Jesus, baby Moses, baby Mohammed, baby Buddha, baby Shiva, and baby Relic of a Primitive and Out-Moded Belief System on a Crutch cry.

So. Last year, I watched:
Heroes — renewed (was there ever any question?) and getting a 6-episode miniseries spinoff thing
Studio 60 — canceled
House — renewed
Veronica Mars — canceled
Psych — renewed, returns July 13th
The Dresden Files — no word yet; we have until mid-June to find out
Battlestar Galactica — not back until 2008
Drive — axed within like 10 days of its premiere; bite me, Fox.

9PM: Heroes (NBC)

9PM: House (FOX)
9PM: Will watch the pilot of Reaper (CW) because it’s Kevin Smith

8PM: Pushing Daisies (ABC), because Bryan Fuller is a genius (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Heroes)
9PM: Bionic Woman? (NBC) Could go either way. Will watch the pilot.

10PM: Psych (USA)

Plus if my friend gets on Beauty and the Geek, I’ll have to watch that. :D

Then with 2008 will come Battlestar Galactica, plus The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which sounds iffy, but I’ll watch the pilot for Summer Glau.

Overall, I’m most excited about Pushing Daisies. It’s not on Fox, which is always a good sign! Here’s the blurb:

Pushing Daisies is a love story about a pie-baking young man with a very special gift… the ability to return dead people briefly back to life with just a simple touch — enabling him to help a P.I. crack murder cases by asking victims to name their killers. Director Barry Sonnenfeld, writer-producer Bryan Fuller, and the producers of Fish blend romance, crime procedural and high-concept fantasy to create a fairytale in the spirit of Amelie, Stranger than Fiction, and Chocolat.

Yes, please!

Hello, all! I’m selling (nearly) all my Discworld books to whoever wants them in order to make more room on my bookshelves! I’m offering them at half the price I originally paid for them, which means $3.50 for paperbacks and $12.50 for hardbacks, plus the cost of shipping. All Hardbacks are in excellent shape, and while paperbacks vary in how creased the spines are, they’re all still in good condition, with very strong bindings.

Comment saying which ones you want, and please check the comments to make sure the book you want hasn’t already been spoken for. I’ll be out of town from May 23 to June 10th, so I’ll probably send everything out June 12th or thereabouts.

Here’s the full list. “UK” indicates a British edition, “HB” indicates a hardcover.

  • The Color of Magic
  • The Light Fantastic (UK)
  • Equal Rites (two copies, one US and one UK)
  • Mort
  • Sourcery
  • Wyrd Sisters
  • Pyramids
  • Guards! Guards!
  • Eric
  • Moving Pictures (UK)
  • Reaper Man
  • Witches Abroad
  • Small Gods
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Men at Arms
  • Soul Music
  • Interesting Times (UK)
  • Maskerade
  • Feet of Clay (2 copies, both US)
  • Hogfather
  • Jingo
  • The Last Continent
  • Carpe Jugulum
  • The Fifth Elephant (2 copies, both US)
  • The Truth
  • Thief of Time (HB)
  • The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (HB)
  • Night Watch (HB)
  • The Wee Free Men (HB)
  • Monstrous Regiment (HB)
  • A Hat Full of Sky (HB)
  • Going Postal (HB)
  • + Good Omens (with the cover that has two Earths that look like an angel and a demon)

Woo hoo!

Answers to the TV meme quiz thing:

  1. Wonderfalls (Niagara Falls/Inanimate Object/Supernatural)
  2. Heroes (New York City/Interracial Couple/Cheerleader)
  3. Veronica Mars (Girl Power/Neo Noir/Father Daughter Relationship)
  4. Firefly (Steampunk/Anti-Hero/Mandarin)
  5. Battlestar Galactica (Human Android Relationship/Polytheism/Military Life)
  6. The Dresden Files (Wizard/Magic/Private Investigator)
  7. Buffy (Action Heroine/Leather Coat/Based on Film)
  8. House (Sarcasm/Medical Drama/Cane)
  9. Psych (Photographic Memory/Father Son Relationship/Murder)
  10. Doctor Who (Man With No Name/Dark Past/Time Machine)


Rentata: 6
Will: 8
Chungy: 8
Kristin: 9
Ko: 10
Lurker Jo: 10

Sometimes I don’t finish a post for whatever reason, but I feel later that the contents should still get out there. So now it’s time for a Drafts Roundup!

From 5/9/07:


Ellen Greene, the actress that played Audrey in the movie version of Little Shop of Horrors, played Sylar’s mom in last night’s ep of Heroes. I got such an Audrey vibe off her, but I thought the mother was too old! I WIN AT LIFE!

But this raises a terrifying scenario: Our villain possesses an uncanny resemblance to the beautific young son Audrey dreams of in “Somewhere That’s Green.” Could Sylar truly be one of these children? Photographic evidence says OF COURSE YES, THIS IS FANDOM. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

My computer is refusing to allow me to take screencaps, so I had to literally take pictures of the screen with my digital camera. XD Without further ado, I present: LITTLE SHOP OF HEROES!

Note the distinct Eye of Jupiter mandala in the background–obviously painted by a young Sylar, having already devoured Laura Roslin’s brain.

I think this is why I don’t have a boyfriend. :D

A few weeks ago, there was a meme going around in which you took your ten favourite TV shows and had people guess which ones they were based on three of their “plot keywords” on IMDB. Here’s my list. How many can you figure out?

  1. Niagara Falls/Inanimate Object/Supernatural (IMDB fails for only listing three plot keywords for this show)
  2. New York City/Interracial Couple/Cheerleader
  3. Girl Power/Neo Noir/Father Daughter Relationship
  4. Steampunk/Anti-Hero/Mandarin
  5. Human Android Relationship/Polytheism/Military Life
  6. Wizard/Magic/Private Investigator (ditto #1)
  7. Action Heroine/Leather Coat/Based on Film
  8. Sarcasm/Medical Drama/Cane
  9. Photographic Memory/Father Son Relationship/Murder
  10. Man With No Name/Dark Past/Time Machine

Comment with your guesses! I’ll post the answers in a couple days.

The next episode of the official Jim Butcher podcast, The Butcher Block, is out, this time with a new format! I’m now the official News Correspondent, and my bit starts at about 3:45. Huzzah!

(31min 45sec) Fred plugs in for a quick episode in a new format. He checks in with Butcher Block News Correspondant Priscellie for an update on everything that’s happened since the last episode, and goes over to the grill with Chad Underkoffler to cook up some “butcher burgers”, looking into discrepancies in the continuity of the novels.

Of course, since Fred and I recorded my bit last Friday, we got news about the DVD release of Season 1, a release date for Small Favor, and according to Fred, Jim finished his story for “Supernatural Honeymoon” (but of course, none of the details of said story are public knowledge yet, phooey).

On a sadder note, however, Veronica Mars has been canceled, with little hope absolutely no hope for resurrection. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

I got the job at Launch in New York! Well, technically I got a two-week freelance position in which I will be evaluated as to whether they want to make me a full staff member, but in the history of the company they’ve only *not* taken one person that made it to this stage.


To begin, I’ll be doing mostly character design, 3D modeling, and handling and cleanup of motion capture data. When I’m actually hired, I’ll add some shot setup/cinematography, etc. to my mix of responsibilities. I’ll be working on commercials and on their currently-in-development TV show, “Evil Train.” Eeeeexcellent.

Go me, unemployed no more!

Holy cow. My uncle invited me to a John Edwards fundraiser–one of those very small, very intimate fundraisers, where there are only some 20 people in attendance, along with the Senator himself. Does anyone have any questions they want me to ask him? Questions not about his haircut, that is. :D

Since when does Ratatouille have a podcast? Oh well. This video about animating Linguini is absolutely fantastic. Why is it not June 29th right now?

*checks out iTunes* DUDE! There are six episodes so far! *runs off to watch them*

Term Statistics: GPA 3.72

I kind of rock.