GLEE! Tim Minear’s Drive pilot has been picked up to go to series! As Aaron Sorkin’s latest baby gets hooked up to life support, another of my favourite TV people gets their infant slapped on the butt, and woah, check out the lungs on that kid! And I know that’s a terrible metaphor. Shut up, I’m a computer science student!


  • Saw Eden’s true colors the minute she was introduced. It’s nice to be proven right, though there was never any doubt in my mind she wasn’t a plant.
  • Can we clone a miniature Hiro so that I can keep one in my pocket, and occasionally tell him he can have a sword? Because OH MY GOSH that was adorable! He can just sit in my car and make lightsaber noises.
  • And Ando’s explanation of the Hero’s journey: “Heroes don’t start at the end! That’s how they can make movies about them!” I love them.
  • The mirror scene. Interesting, but I would have liked to see it a little better done. Something like Gollum’s conversation with himself in TTT, where it definitely gives the impression that two people are talking, but if you break down the movement, you can see that it’s the same “take,” and the movements blend in to each other. Or in a much more expensive SFX way, the two seperate “halves” would reflect the other. Like, as one of them is talking, her reflection is that of her other counterpart. It annoyed me that there were tears on regular Nikki’s face but not on Mirror!Nikki. And I suppose that’s how it works for her, but still. Feh.
  • Bwah! Can we call him “Mr. Kitty”? I hope she’s dead, though I seriously doubt she is. (Though it would make room for female muties that’s aren’t blonde bimboes. Come on, bring on a supergirl I can actually care about!)