Ko is the best substitute mommy ever. She takes such good care of us when we’re sickly! Feeling better already.

Though admittedly, a share of the feeling better-ness may come from the notification that my Amazon order has shipped, so when I get home, I’ll have Tori and Joss goodness awaiting me! And I just got notification that the package room had received my copy of Amber Benson’s “Chance”, kindly burned for me by a fellow fan due to its unavailability in the US.

Feeling sicker than I’ve been in years. Oh death, where is thy sting?

I got GAIM!

Wow, I’m sorry. No one should be subjected to puns that lame.

Anyway, Will has been poking me for months to download Gaim, as my AIM hates all life and is determined to cause untold suffering to me and my loved ones. Mmm, open-source Instant Messenger client clones… So far, so good! *taps on cheap synthetic wood substitute*

Will is my Computer Science savior. How many hours of work did he just save me from? I don’t even want to think about it. THANK YOU, WILL!

Ah! Apparently I was confused. The UGO HHGTG trailer, which premiered yesterday, is an “internet only” trailer. The first “trailer for a trailer”, which premiered the 25th, was a preview for the UK trailer, now available in full-version (as of last night) here. None of these have anything to do with the US trailer for the movie, released on the 16th. And because she is a goddesslike force to be reckoned with, Becky already has a boggling number of screencaps for the lot.

For those teriffically confused by all of this, here’s a listing of all the Hitchhiker’s Guide trailers to date. They’re all downloadable from there, including both versions of the teaser and the UK trailer preview.

Madness! Sheer madness! But I’m pretty much beyond convinced that this movie is going to be utterly fantastic, so I’m happy.

Oh! I neglected to mention! For the second Virtual World Design project, my partner Chris and I will be creating an explorable 3D game environment based on a Dave McKean illustration from “The Wolves in the Walls.” They told us to pick a work of art from a provided list, or we could do an image of our own choosing, as long as Norm approved it. I feel a bit conspicuous, as we’re the only group that ended up picking an image not on their list, but oh well. I’m happy. This is going to be so insanely fun to model and texture! *squeals*

Assembled mockups for two other potential layouts for the QSA website and sent them to Jany. More fun and more colorful. Hope she doesn’t loathe them. *crosses fingers*

What the… I sent the Amazon order for Tori’s Beekeeper and a couple books–all of which said “Usually ships within 24 hours”–and it hasn’t even shipped yet! Estimated shipping date is MONDAY, and estimated arrival date is a week from today. A week from today, when I’ll be in Dallas for Spring Break! AARGH. Sure, I did the Free Shipping thing, but that’s 5-8 day service, not nearly two weeks. Oh, angst. It’s not as if I need it any time soon, but usually Amazon is so prompt, even with the Free Shipping thing. I don’t think it’s ever taken this long. Meh. I think I’ll change the shipping address to my house.

OMGBRILLIANT!!! The full version of the HHGTG “trailer for a trailer” can be found here, immediately below the Vogon Poetry pic. Infinitely better than the version I posted yesterday and UTTERLY HILARIOUS AND SO TRUE. The world must see it before the link goes down! I read somewhere that it’s supposed to be released tonight, so the UGO video may not be up much longer. Of course, it’s evening in Britain…

Oh! You see how below, I comment on the prettyness of the snow and comment that I wish it meant school was cancelled? I am officially awesome, as they ended up cancelling evening classes. I didn’t have to go to rehearsal!

Now playing around with new potential layouts for the Queer Student Alliance. And getting distracted downloading free fonts by the truckload. Oh, fonts! Why must you be more addictive than crack?