::flails violently:: Get me Reaper Man, now! Why wasn’t it in *my* copy! Probably because it was ancient. Grr. And I can’t call it my copy anymore, silly me, as it’s now in the hands of Alicey. Foom. Get me to Barnes and Noble! (“But Priscellie”, says Inner Voice, “They didn’t have it at your local Barnes and Noble! Remember? When you were getting all the lovely Discworld books for your Family Friend?” Bah!)

Says Brenna: “In Reaper Man, there’s have a sneak preview of Night Watch and in the preview Colon, Nobby, CMOT Dibbler, Vimes, Carrot (I think), and Vetinari are all wearing lilac sprigs in memory of someone(s) who died. I want to know more about that because Colon was very touchy on the subject when an underling asked him for the lilacs were for.”

If I had any less of a life, I’d be looking for the bloody sample chapter on e-text. Grr.

Okay, I’m gone. I’ll try to get online tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises. In the meanwhile, hearts for all! I look forward to posting all my art rubbish when I get back on the 14th. Yayfun! Priorities for the trip include belated b-day cards for Alicey, Britt, and Brenna, which will be CGed when I get home. And I shall finish the Tanja anniversary card, which is far too late already. Hurrah!

::squeals in joy:: I love this Cybercafe! The sounds of Monty Python’s “The Brigher Side of Life” are now bursting merrily from the speakers. Good times, good times.

Brenna comments: “I want to know what the lilacs are for!”

I do, too, now. What the heck are these lilacs you speak of? Did I miss something?

Sweet, sweet revenge, Rebecca!

In addition to Abraham: The Musical and at least four songs from The Civil War, Abe Lincoln remained a President with a song in his heart, trumping the cowardly, tone-deaf Wilson at every turn. Experience the man, the music, the Emancipator!

Here you can read about (or purchase) “We’ll Sing to Abe Our Song“, sheet music about Lincoln, Emancipation, and the Civil War. This “includes more than two hundred sheet-music compositions that represent Lincoln and the war as reflected in popular music”.

More sheet music can be found here (or here).

Campaign songs include the Lincoln Quick Step:

“Honest Old Abe has split many a rail

He is up to his work, and he’ll surely not fail

He has guided his flat-boat thro’ many a strait

And watchful he’ll prove at the helm of the State.”

Abraham Lincoln School also has a Fight Song:

Cheer, cheer for our Lincoln School,

Doing our best is always the rule.

Being number one it’s true,

Keeps us the best in Region 2!

Whether the odds are great or small,

Our Lincoln School is the best of all.

Proudly loyal sons and daughters

Worked towards this victory.

And wow, look! A children’s song about him!

In addition to the music that fuelled his soul, Abe remains on the top due to many other endearing tributes, including video games, a virtual library, a slightly morbidmuseum exhibit, a crossword puzzle, a book of humorous essays, a movie called Young Mr. Lincoln (featuring Henry Fonda as Abe Lincoln). He’s also been credited with The Birth of a Modern Empire. For more Lincoln goodness, check out Abraham Lincoln Online. He brings up 827 Search Results at Amazon.com (while Woodrow Wilson returns only 339!)

There are thousands upon thousands more Google search results to explore further, if you need more evidence. Face it, Rebecca. Lincoln could whup Woodrow’s bootie any day of the week! If they weren’t both dead, of course.

Yay! I did manage to get online today! Hurrah! ::throws confetti:: Now to sort out those pesky archives…

Sian asks how much I bid for Nightwatch. I bid $21, then I realized that there wasn’t a chance in heck that I’d win. I stopped bidding and went off to pout.

But I’m happy, because I just splurged on Sandman and bought issues 7-10, plus “Death: The High Cost of Living”. I’m a terrible person. At least I’ll be able to sustain myself on my college trip. ::sulks:: Doom.

Hurrah! I have completed a successful pilgrimage to the Moondance Diner, former workplace of Jonathan Larson. The misinformed waiter at the Stardust had said they had closed, but this was not permanent — they were remodeling. My favourite part was a green neon sign that read “We serve wine and beer”. Harhar. I wonder if that was there when Jonathan worked there… ::ponders::

I took pictures. Yes, indeed. And I’ve been having too much chicken caesar salad lately. I wonder what shall become of me. ::sigh:: Anyway, tonight was my last dinner at Johnny Rockets, a restaurant I frequented at least twice a week, due to its joyous proximity to my dorm. They did a goodbye “Staying Alive” dance for me. When I left, all the employees waved and said goodbye, and all the customers thought “What the heck?”. It was sweet.

It was a nice hope, but I never did get to meet Cassie. (Why didn’t you call me? ::weeps::) I guess I won’t be able to, now. Bah. Happy birthday anyway! ::hugs:: My parents come to New York tomorrow. Then on Friday, we’re going to start our Evil College Trip of Doom, followed by a brief family romp in Martha’s Vineyard. Come to think about it, this actually might be my last entry until August Bloody Fourteenth, unless I can find a hookup somewhere on the way. ::pats Jimmy and sighs:: Maybe I’ll be able to go online tomorrow… might be a bit of a stretch, though. Hiss. Anyway, goodbye for now and hearts to all.

Oh! And happy birthday to Fiction Alley! Tomorrow we’re one year old! ::disperses wallet-sized baby photos::