DUDE. How is Google awesome? Let me count the ways.

Google Sketchup — is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program whose few simple tools enable you to create 3D models of houses, sheds, decks, home additions, woodworking projects – even space ships. You can add details, textures and glass to your models, design with dimensional accuracy, and place your finished models in Google Earth, share them with others by posting them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies. Google SketchUp (free) is a great way to discover if 3D modeling is right for you.

Totally different from what I’m doing with modeling, of course, but still pretty cool. I can’t wait to see what fandom does with it!

Answers to the Ask-Any-Question Meme! Feel free to still add a question if you didn’t get the chance before.

Jimmy: uh….what is your name? who are you? ;p

I am Priscilla, I contain multitudes. And I am so much better at being a Priscilla than Kendall Casablancas is. :D (Of course, if you had asked before March 10, 2001, I would have told you “Ellie Rosenthal”. Good riddance to my alterego!)

Alli: What, exactly, is The Dresden Files? It seems like it’s a book but I think you’ve mentioned James Marsters in connection with it before (correct me if I’m wrong, of course).

Glad you asked! The Dresden Files is an urban fantasy book series by Jim Butcher, centered upon a wizard private eye named Harry Dresden. (He’s in the phone book, under “Wizards”.) His closest friend, Karrin Murphy, runs the Chicago P.D.’s answer to the X-Files. She’s 5-foot-nothing, blonde, and has a black belt in Aikido. The first book is Storm Front, and the most recent (#8) is Proven Guilty, which technically comes out this Tuesday. Like any great series, the books just keep getting better.

Re: James, the first three books are available in audio format, read (deliciously) by James Marsters. He was Jim’s first choice to play Harry in the upcoming TV Movie/Backdoor Pilot on the Sci-Fi Channel (airdate unknown), despite James being far too short and far too pretty for the role. However, it would have meant him moving to Canada in the event the series was picked up, which James was not prepared to do. Instead, Paul Blackthorne (24) was cast in the lead role, and he looks like he’s going to be great. Hurrah!


Oh, Logan. How on earth could you be stupid enough to sleep with someone that would rather be named Kendall than Priscilla? I mean, what abysmal taste! For both parties!

People/Things that Win:
Dick + pig = OTP
Veronica poking Morgan about Lamb
Blue and her Selective Memory

People/Things that Lose:
LoVe shippers
Woody Goodman, who scares the bejeezus out of me

Two episodes of House next week, and Fox was considerate enough not to further complicate my TV-watching triangle! Tuesday at 9–its usual slot–plus a bonus on Wednesday at 8. Not at 9 to conflict with Veronica Mars and Lost, but at 8! Thank you, Fox, for reading my mind and planning your schedule accordingly!

Holy cow. My math final was cancelled! I still have to do the writeup for my final project for Tuesday, but still. Gravy! Now I just have my figure modeling crit and the one exam!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeme! Ganked from eight or so different people.

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn’t want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt ‘guilty’ asking a close LJ friend a question that should be ‘obvious’? Well, here’s your chance. If you’ve missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me any thing. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I’m not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions – we’ve all missed things before.