Due to creative differences, Joss is no longer attached to the Wonder Woman project. Suckage.

At least that gives him more time to work on Goners and Runaways and the Buffy season 8 comic and stuff, but… no, there’s no way to positively spin this. It’s just lame. After Serenity‘s lackluster box office performance, see if he ever gets tapped for a major motion picture again. Now how soon can the fandom get a hold of the script?

I cheer myself slightly with the news that a helpline for distressed Potter fans is being set up, because two characters will be killed off in the final installment. Too funny!

Okay, let’s answer some comments!

Rebecca: The Dresden Files has billboards? Sweet!

Sara M: Since when is “not knowing each other” a barrier to sharing digital content online? XD

Chungy: Bush/Sloth? This is why I love you.

Keith: Re: “punching people in the face” as a tag, I’ll do my best. :D

Keith: I’ll teach you and Renata how to make Living Legend Eggs when we’re camping. We just need eggs, milk (I use almond milk, but I was taught with skim), salt, and pepper. Yummy!

Chungy: No, I was just being silly. No boys ate my Living Legend Eggs today. But if there had been boys nearby, they would have been brought to the yard, and they would have found them delicious! Maybe the next time we see each other, I’ll have to teach you how to make my famous peach ginger pie, which I am suddenly craving. I wonder if they have all the necessary ingredients at Fro Gro…

Renata: Dresden books from the Murphy library? I am so amused.

Keith again: Reeeeead theeeeeem.

Brenna: All the books for my Sci-Fi class cost $179.52. Ouch. Fortunately, the entirety will be covered by the reselling of three of last semester’s books on half.com for $192.17! This is actually my only class this semester that’s costing anything outside of tuition. I already had all the necessary materials for my Senior Project/Digital Figure Modeling class, the Psych textbook is entirely online as the professor is in the middle of revising it and wants us to have the latest edition as he writes it, and there are no required texts for my Computer Modeling and Animation Applications class! Score!

Rebecca: TANSTAAFL? Or is this a reference I’ll get when I read the book?

Keith again: Even if I thought your hair was terrible, I wouldn’t say so. *glomps*