So the wireless internet in my dorm was down for SEVEN HOURS today. And I have a midterm tomorrow, and because we have no official textbook, all the study materials were online. So rather than getting started studying at about 3pm, my hands were tied until shortly after 10. I kind of want to scream and throw things. Fortunately, the midterm is open-notes, so hopefully I’m not doomed.

Heroes. “Fantastic,” Doctor Scruffy? Fantastic indeed!

And Studio 60, “special guest Masi Oka” does not mean “Masi Oka is in this episode for three seconds, just repeating the same line.” He’d better be in the second half of the episode, or I will have Words with your promo department. HEY, that wasn’t a perfect analogy to one of the plot threads for last night’s episode, was it? Because then I’d have to laugh, then punch Aaron Sorkin in the face. :D