Protest the Moronic Casting of Avatar: The Last Airbender!

For those who aren’t aware: Avatar is a popular cartoon series based in an Asian-inspired world, yet for the live-action movie, Paramount is casting whites in the heroic leads while relegating people of color to villains and extras. Two of the heroes set to be played by white actors are brown-skinned, belonging to an Inuit-based culture in the original series, and the third hero, also set to be played by a white actor, is from a Tibetan Buddhist-based culture. This is dumb and frankly offensive.

If you’d be so kind as to sign the petition, I’d really appreciate it! It takes thirty seconds.

Most online petitions are worthless, but this one is going straight to Paramount, MANAA and the EWP. It’s absolutely worth the 30 seconds to sign and the two minutes it takes to spread the link in your blog or over email, if you think your friends/readers are likely to be interested.

Check out and the LJ comm aang-aint-white for more info.

(Ganked from bzzinglikeneon and quietrevolution)

Tonight, I’m taking a bus to D.C. for a spontaneous day trip! As tomorrow’s weather looks ominous, I’m planning to take the MUSEUMS! route rather than the MONUMENTS! route. Fred has been gathering recommendations here. So far, the International Spy Museum is sounding the most appealing, but I am also drawn to the Mall’s sheer concentration of awesome museums. I’ll have to research more this afternoon.

To catch up on my blogging: Friday night, I went on a date that included food and an Improv Everywhere event. Alex and I were both excited about it, but the event ended up crashing and burning. The idea was cool, but it was raining, and the IE folks had difficulty coordinating everything, and we ended up standing out in the rain and wind with an inadequate umbrella on the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge for an hour and a half. My light jacket wasn’t really up for the chore. And the umbrella broke from the wind ten minutes before we left, so we got soaked. When I got home and saw myself in the mirror, my skin was bloodless white. I looked like a consumptive waif. I had to sit in a hot bath for twenty minutes before I felt like a human again.

Yet shockingly, I had a great time. The dinner beforehand was excellent (Thai!), and conversation was fun. We’re never short of fodder for discussion, and he’s just the right amount of geeky that I feel neither like a hopeless dork nor somehow inadequate in my geekishness. And Saturday, Alex is going to cook dinner for me, so I call this major win. :D


Obama Adopted into Crow Nation. I. Love. This. Man. Can he be my president RIGHT NOW?

Steven Moffat to be Doctor Who Lead Writer and Executive Producer! YEEE!

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Ben Stein: Science Kills. Good thing religion has never killed anyone, am I right?

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Excellent article: Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are (And That’s Okay).

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This just in! Gay people = toe cancer.

Also, gays are worse than terrorists and all of Islam is a threat to America and the Ancient Greek civilization only lasted a few decades. I know you were taught in schools that it lasted centuries, but that’s because our children are being indoctrinated, not educated.

Just so we’re clear on that.