Bleh. Yesterday was scary. I couldn’t stand up long enough to make myself food without getting dizzy and nearly blacking out and/or throwing up, so I didn’t actually eat anything until like 5pm. And because the only food I had in the fridge was leftover take-out, I had to contend with veggie fried rice. Guess it doesn’t help to live above a grocery store when you can’t stand up for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Today, while a HUGE improvement over yesterday, I’m still feeling vaguely nauseous and sleepy, despite only being awake for a sum total of about 6 hours yesterday. I called in sick again at work, saying I’d try to be in at noon. However, just as I was getting dressed, I was suddenly hit with another bout of TMI, so that didn’t happen. I should be fine by tomorrow, but urgh. Unpleasant.

Fortunately, Jayna (a girl my roomie and I knew from Hockaday) is staying with us for the weekend, and she made toast for me. I feel much less miserable just having someone around.

Huh. My period just started a week early, and I’m suddenly freezing cold in a room that to my roommate feels pleasant. Good job, body.

Edit: Feeling a bit more comfortable now that I have donned socks and a sweater, cranked up the thermostat, and raided roommate’s stash of chocolate pudding. I sense this is a violent physical reaction to my terror of a looming computer science assignment from last semester that must be completed for me to graduate in two months.

My body is FANTASTIC at this.

While washing dishes before treating self to pudding, was idly asked by contacts-removing roommate if I ever wished I went to art school rather than doing DMD. Managed to maintain a decent conversation while silently crying into the dishrag.