Off Track (2013)

“The empty spaces on maps are stories waiting to be told”

As the Mexican-American War rages, rumors of gold lead cartographer Patrick O’Sullivan and two of his fellow soldiers to desert the U.S. army in search of riches in the unmapped regions of present-day California. The three are lost and near death when they stumble upon an unlikely guide–the Pul, or Shaman, of the Cahuilla tribe.  As Patrick tries to take advantage of the Pul’s knowledge of the area to search for gold, he discovers that the man has his own motives for assisting Patrick’s efforts to map the land.  This discovery redirects Patrick’s egoistic journey into a historical opportunity to focus his life on a mission greater than himself.

  • Starring: Ryan Dorsey and Jay Tavare
  • Director: JP Jacobsen
  • Producers: Drew Diamond, Daniel Leeds, and Priscilla Spencer
  • Writer: Juan Rubalcava
  • Director of Photography: Carolina Costa
  • Production Design: Flora Ortega
  • Editor: David Aristizabal
  • Music: Steve Rushingwind