Really, really, really wretched news: Renowned British author Terry Pratchett, creator of the Discworld series, has been diagnosed with a very rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Details here.

*clutches copy of Men at Arms and tries (unsuccessfully) not to cry*

Madeline L’Engle died. I just now found out, as I’m quite behind on my flist.

Did you know I included farandolae in a 5th grade project on cells, because I didn’t realize she’d made them up? She might have had a detrimental effect on my biology grade, but her influence on my imagination and sense of wonder was quite the opposite.

Thank you.

Noooooooo! Why are you sold out, Serenity Blue Sun Travel Poster Set? I wants them, precious! I wants them!

How perfect would they be in my new apartment? Moderately classy-looking AND nerdy as all get-out! I shall watch you for restocking, yes I will.

Edit: OMG, they’re back! You are MINE, poster set! And you will be classily matted and framed to match my furniture. Now if only the FREAKING WEBSITE would process my order!