Sam Seder hosts Political Science Theater 3000

This Tuesday night at 7, join Air America Radio’s “The Majority Report” for Political Science Theater 3000. Sam Seder will be live at the Center for American Progress hosting a live panel before (and during) President Bush’s State of the Union Addess.

After a spirited discussion, when “W” takes the podium at 8, Sam and the others will provide a running commentary about what is sure to be our clueless leader’s latest mangling of the English language.

Panelists include authors of “Get this Party Started” Amy Sullivan, Chris Bowers, and Anna Greenberg, as well as bloggers Judd Legum (Think Progress and CAP) and Duncan Black (Atrios).

Air America Premium members can watch the whole thing live over the “internets” while everyone else can tune into your local affiliates or catch the audio at airamericaradio.com.

I think they’re off by an hour, though. C-SPAN and Fox say it starts at 9.

And just one more week until new House! *does a little dance*

DUDE. The aforementioned “quick modelling job” for the professor I ran into at the Chinese New Year party? I’m getting paid $100 for something I banged out in less than 30 minutes. Being a DMDer ROCKS. I’m going to have to figure out excuses to hang out in HMS more often!

This calls for Firefly crackfic with Jayne and unicorns.

*snorts loudly* An actual question from the latest Zogby poll:

Which would you rather watch: the State of the Union speech live, an episode of ABC’s “Commander in Chief,” an episode of NBC’s “The West Wing,” or the episode of Fox’s “The Simpsons” where Bart runs for class president?

  • The State of the Union speech live
  • An episode of “Commander In Chief”
  • An episode of “The West Wing”
  • Episode of “The Simpsons” where Bart runs for class president
  • None of the above
  • Not sure

Who was one of few recommended to Disney by her faculty advisor for a Summer Internship?

1. She’s sitting in my chair.
2. She’s wearing my clothes.
3. Her name is Remus Lupin Priscilla Spencer.

I randomly stopped by Amy’s after class to float my idea of a day trip to NYC next Saturday to see the Pixar exhibit at the MoMA. Next door, in the HMS lab, a Chinese New Year party was in full swing. Over some delicious Chinese food, I got to chat with Amy, Norm, and some DMD/CGGT students about resumes, ways of controlling the HMS Lab’s mouse problem (suggestion: a Burmese python, a gecko, or some form of raptor), and the Disney/Pixar merger. I was also randomly comissioned by a professor to do a quick model and render of a carbon nanotube.

I’m now working on my resume, so that I’ll be up for consideration for an interview with Disney. Bweeeee!