Whee! Life is one big hurrah! The past few days have been spent doing nothing but drawing, eating, and sleeping. W00t to the 00t. Yesterday, we got to hang out with Allie (sundancekid on LJ) for a couple hours, which was crazy fun. Today, we went shopping briefly, then rented “Edward Scissorhands” and the first 2 volumes of the Firefly DVD set (of 4). We squealed about Johnny and the groovy music of Danny Elfman and decreed that the actress who plays Joyce, the freaky sexually depraved housewife, would make a fabulous Rita Skeeter. And so now, I’m going to introduce Magsby, The Goddess of Semi-Nakedness, and Alicey, the most prolific artist EVER, to one Dr. Simon Tam. Mrowr! *pokes Mags and Alicey encouragingly*

So yay!

Priscilla kicked me in my sleep and I hate her forever since that woke me up from a fascinating dream in which I had turned into a chimney-dwelling ferret in order to escape evil authorities.

-Alicey of the Ferrets

Woe! My computer at home is dead, dead, dead. And it’s the only one connected to a scanner here! Hopefully, the girls and I will be able to use the one at my dad’s office for maybe 10 minutes to show you guys all our crazy artness! (Alicey and Mags are brilliant geniuses and I pale in comparison to their majestic glory)

Muahahaha. I, Priscellie, am the most talented of the most talented folks evarrrrr. Bow before me and pay me homage, or I shall smite thee with my mighty chocolate-filled croissant of doom. Give me comments and send fanmail! Mua ha ha ha ha.

this most certainly is not Alicey hacking this blog and getting revenge on Priscilla for this post.