An LJ meme is going around where you find the fifth sentence of your 23rd post. No idea where they got those numbers, but they make me feel nicely self-important, as 5/23 is my half-birthday. XD Because I only use my LJ as a sketchblog, I decided to do the same for my blog instead.

“We were all incredibly hyper and we had the most hilarious waiter with the most spectacular timing I’ve ever seen.”

The post is here, for those interested.

Wow. Over 3 years ago. Time flies when you’re blogging.

Good lord. Virginia Passes “Marriage Affirmation Act” (further discussion of the law and full text in the comments). Why are people so… so evil? And isn’t that unconstitutional? Aren’t all states required to acknowledge marriages performed in other states?

Absolutely vile and disgusting. I’m appalled at the state of our government.

Edit: Currently reading the text of the Bill. It reads like the most bigoted, obscene piece of trash I’ve ever encountered. Even my hallmate Lior, who is quite conservative and usually disagrees with most of my liberal philosophies, thinks this law is way below the belt. Guh.

*cackles* Maybe Percy is evil! posted new pics from Chris’ latest theatrical exploit, Hedda Gabler, and while I know nothing about the play, is it just me, or does he look strangely like Smallville’s Lionel Luther? Especially how it almost looks like he’s reading Braille. (if anyone can remember the name of the episode where Lionel reads Braille, I would appreciate it. I am still but a fledgeling fan.)

Percy is God, Boba Fett, and Lex Luthor’s daddy! Because, you know, fictional characters are indistinguishable from the actors who play them. XD

From AWN:


Newmarket Films has announced that it will be releasing in theaters a new director’s cut of sci-fi cult favorite DONNIE DARKO, reports VARIETY. The new version will include 21 minutes of footage not in the original release and beefed up visual effects. The new cut will debut May 29 at the Seattle Film Festival then roll out in theaters slowly starting in July. The original theatrical release in 2001 only grossed $517,375, but the film has found a cult following on DVD, grossing $10 million.

So I’m excited. I’ll refrain from passing judgement on the issue of “beefed up visual effects” until I see them. Mmm, Jake Gy– gah, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spell that boy’s last name. You know he almost replaced Tobey McGuire in Spiderman 2 when Tobey was experiencing slight spine issues from all the horse riding in Seabiscuit? Yup. Mmm, unspellable last name-boy.

Finished the last assignment for my Digital Design Foundations class! 3 images in Painter 6. My first real attempts at using the program since acquiring it what, two years ago?

Now, off to finish the extra credit assignment! I am such a loser! Hurrah!

I think Bridget Jones has singlehandedly destroyed colloquial grammar.

Dear George Bush:

All these people will not be voting for you.


Ko and Deep, two of my three Roommates: Of The Future!, got to go and took a bunch of pictures for me. However, I am a dork and forgot to lend them my extra memory card along with my camera, and the card I had in there was close to full already. Ah well. Here’s my personal favourite. Ah, Ko, how I love your fabulous sense of humor. XD

In other news, Trojan Women closed lovelyly, and I found my watch.

Edit: Wow, I cannot spell my own name.

Whee! Everyone came tonight! My parents, Rachel, M, Shu Kee, Vadim, Tricia, Jeff… eee, happiness! *schnoogles them all* And M brought me flowers! And Dad sent me flowers a few days ago, but I was too harebrained to mention them! Oh, and the show was sold out, which is always awesome. My second-ever sold out show! Yay!

The show went quite well. Mum and Dad taped it (or at least, my performance) and got a few stills, which I’ll have to post when my parents get home. After the show, M shared with my hallmates a 15-minute (at least) rant about various elements of theatre, which was highly entertaining.

I am happy, clean, and slighly incoherent with post-performance delirium. Life is good and tomorrow is the March for Womens’ Lives, which I will not be attending, but will be a part of in spirit. Ko is bringing my camera, so hopefully she shall return with lovely pictures. Everyone that’s going: Have crazy fun! Be safe! Get me a t-shirt!

Does anyone know if there will be any live video feeds of any of the event?

Rock on, Kerry. More power to you!

And EEEEE more on the Potter front! Jen found some lovely new trailers for PoA featuring quite a bit we hadn’t seen before. And dubbed in German! Hahaha, Harry has the voice of an 8-year-old girl. And I thought Evo!Kurt was hilarious… Anyway, that shot of Lupin opening his eyes? Wow. And when he jumps in front of the class? I imagined him suddenly bursting into “Spectacular, Spectacular!”. Ah, DavidThewlis!Lupin. You will always remind me weirdly of The Duke.