Answers to the TV meme quiz thing:

  1. Wonderfalls (Niagara Falls/Inanimate Object/Supernatural)
  2. Heroes (New York City/Interracial Couple/Cheerleader)
  3. Veronica Mars (Girl Power/Neo Noir/Father Daughter Relationship)
  4. Firefly (Steampunk/Anti-Hero/Mandarin)
  5. Battlestar Galactica (Human Android Relationship/Polytheism/Military Life)
  6. The Dresden Files (Wizard/Magic/Private Investigator)
  7. Buffy (Action Heroine/Leather Coat/Based on Film)
  8. House (Sarcasm/Medical Drama/Cane)
  9. Psych (Photographic Memory/Father Son Relationship/Murder)
  10. Doctor Who (Man With No Name/Dark Past/Time Machine)


Rentata: 6
Will: 8
Chungy: 8
Kristin: 9
Ko: 10
Lurker Jo: 10

OH, NOT ON! Veronica Mars and House are back to being in the same timeslot, 9/8C. And I don’t think Gregory House (I’m sorry, I will never get over that dorm’s name) is hosting Veronica Mars viewing parties anymore. Booooooo, network programmers! House was fine at 8 EST!

Edit: W00t! Gregory House is (fittingly) holding House parties this year!

And Heroes, bwee! OMG, Nikki and Micah had a smoosh-faced Wonderfalls lion! Oh, Bryan Fuller, so much love!

Holy cow! Speaking of Wonderfalls, it’s only $19.97 on Amazon right now! That’s more than half off! If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the perfect time to buy it and check it out. Or if you already own it, buy another set and give it as a gift, or use it to convert the masses!

(contains spoilers for Wonderfalls and mid-season 1 Lost)

Last spring break, Chungy needed to catch up on Lost episodes, so we had a marathon at my house. One of the episodes we watched was “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”, in which Jack and crew go off in search of the kidnapped Charlie and Claire, and they find Charlie hung from a tree. I knew Chungy would be glancing at me every so often for clues of what would happen next, and if it was going to be good or bad, so I made myself tear up when they found Charlie’s body, so that Chungy would conclude that he was, in fact, dead, rather than knowing that it would all be okay in the end, and that Jack would bring him back through the power of brute force.

That sentence was far too long.

Anyway, Ko and I watched the rest of Wonderfalls today, Aristotle be damned. Because I didn’t want Ko to have any idea that it all turned out right in the end, I decided to toy with a friend’s brain once again! As Ko agonized over the Jaye/Eric/Heidi triangle, I responded to her complains in a bitter tone, subtly hinting that Eric and Heidi would be together in the end, and that I was as annoyed with the finale as she was. It made it all the more squeeish when our OTP was preserved, and all ended happily.

In sum, messing with people’s expectations is fun! And that’s all I have to say about that.

I had intended to see Aaron and a bunch of Lady in the Dark friends in their production of Love’s Labor’s Lost on College Green tonight, but disaster struck on multiple counts for the cast: ominous stormclouds loomed over the horizon, and a sudden upsurge of heavy winds knocked over a set pieces, sending an actor to the hospital. They tried to muscle together a change of venue, but too much was conspiring against them, so they moved the show to tomorrow night.

Instead, I badgered Ko and Deep into watching the first episode of Wonderfalls, and they were instantly hooked. I don’t know of a single person that has seen an episode of Wonderfalls that doesn’t emerge convinced that it is the single best TV show in the universe (except maybe Firefly, but I don’t dare compare the two. Mmm, Tim Minear. *happy sigh*). We ended up watching five episodes! We watched the first three, then Dee came in and joined us, and I felt that “Crime Dog” was a better introductory episode than “Wound-Up Penguin”, so we watched that, and then Ko and Deep insisted that we watch the episode with Jaye and Eric kiss, which is probably my absolute favourite, so we did. And that sentence was WAY too long, but I care not!

If you haven’t seen Wonderfalls yet, do so now. It’s not a huge commitment! There are 13 episodes! Gravy, I love this show…

Watched the last of Wonderfalls. Hilarious, charming, and clever, but I think I can see why it got cancelled. While in its short run it stayed fresh and inventive, I could see it getting repetitive rather quickly. Boo to Fox, hearts to Tim Minear, and uncontrollable giggles to Jewel Staite.

Why is it that all our Big Damn Actors are evil in their later Whedon and Minear incarnations? A misogynistic preacher serving as the right-hand man of the First Evil, an evil goddess that robs the world of free will and is responsible for the horrors of Connor/Cordy, the manifestation of the Senior Partners, and the Wicked Wife of the West. Go figure. And at least they had sufficient prior notice of cancellation in order to wrap everything satisfactorily. Didn’t Angel only have five episodes’ notice?

Anyway, Brenna: I’ve been using the “official” BitTorrent client, and recently BlogTorrent, because it set itself as default and I see no compelling reason to expend the effort to switch back. Using BitTorrent is easy. Download a client, then go to a site that has offers torrents, like those you listed. Click/open the torrent file. The file transfer should start automatically. Email me if you have any problems. Priscellie at gmail.

Rented Wonderfalls on a whim when out for dinner, was immediately sucked in, and watched the first six episodes in one sitting. I would have watched more, but I wanted to save some for tomorrow, given that there are only 13 episodes. WHY WAS THIS SHOW CANCELLED? What is it about Tim Minear that turns TV execs into gibbering morons?

Is anyone else having an exceptionally difficult time getting blogger to publish? And has this been going on for DAYS? *jabs at Blogger for being difficult*

As soon as I get a break, and as soon as I do all the stuff I swear I’ll do as soon as I get a break, I’m going to check out Wonderfalls. It’s nice that the studio execs are getting an inkling of the purported quality of the show. Maybe this will be a lesson to television that you SHOULDN’T CANCEL TIM MINEAR’S SHOWS, not that I, as a Firefly fan, am at all bitter.