Five Happy Things for Tuesday:

  1. I saw Up. This movie is perfection. I urge you to see it as soon as possible, so you have plenty of opportunity to see it a second and a third and a fourth time.
  2. I saw Up with college roommate Ko and coworkers Eric and Matt. It would have been magnificent on its own, but it was even better with friends!
  3. I saw Up in 3D! It was quite well designed in that regard. It took advantage of the medium without being gimmicky or distracting.
  4. I saw Up, and Ko and I quoted it incessantly as we returned to my apartment for her to pick up her gerbils. They were so happy to see their Ko Mommy!
  5. I saw Up. And spontaneously, too! In the past few months, I’ve been so much better about going out and doing things. I feel so much more energized and happy about my life! I finally feel like I’m taking advantage of living in New York. And now, I saw Up!

I think that’s five. :D

Picked up Jaida’s book! Woo! If you’re in NY on the 16th, she and Dani have a signing in Brooklyn!

Where the Heck is Matt? A Global Dance. So ridiculously cool. I got a little teary-eyed.

Dr. Horrible Comic! Is it July 15th yet?

Tell me this ad wasn’t made by a John Hodgman fan. I dare you.

Lars Larson Rips Wall-E As ‘Propaganda’; It Teaches Kids ‘Humans Are Bad For Planet Earth’. Um… Mr. Larson? Humans are bad for Planet Earth. Though if you actually saw the film, you’d know the message was a warning against mindless consumerism and waste, complacency, and lack of awareness. All the human characters were well-meaning and recognized the vital importance of reclaiming the planet and restoring its vitality. A for effort, F for reading comprehension. And while I’m at it, another F for seeking to eliminate joy. This movie is incredible. I hope all you guys get to see it on the big screen.

Senators Craig and Vitter team up to co-sponsor Marriage Protection Amendment, which would amend the Constitution to declare that marriage “shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Un-freaking-believable. You know how you can defend the sanctity of marriage, Senators Craig and Vitter? Try NOT CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE AND HAVING SEX WITH PROSTITUTES/ANONYMOUS MEN IN AIRPORT RESTROOMS. Marriage doesn’t need protection from same-sex couples, Senators. It needs protection from you.

Welcome to Things I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Blogged About!

  • My parents came to town this past weekend. A splendid time was had by all, and now my room finally looks like someone actually lives there! Huzzah!
  • Friday night, I took my parents and my aunt to see Curtains, which was all kinds of fun. Boo to the haters!
  • Sunday morning, we participated in this Obama event. T’was fun! We were all part of the first A. Some photos on the event’s facebook site: Mah Daddy! And big panorama: I’m just to the left of center (hurr!), in a red sweater. The video should be up later today. I’ll post it when it becomes available.
  • Got a ticket to Flight of the Conchords! Envy me!
  • The first Dresden Files comic came out Wednesday, and it’s AWESOME. I could get a sense of how it would work earlier on, reading the script alongside looking at the images, but it’s somehow a completely different experience to see it all put together. It’s a really solid piece of work, and I’m so thrilled to be involved in the project! I can definitely see it drawing new fans in, and the existing fans will love it.
  • YAY. A mixup on Wednesday that had the potential to get very ugly was resolved yesterday with minimal drama and fuss. What a relief!

Stuff that is Great:

Upcoming Awesomeness from Disney/Pixar, in further detail!

J.K. Rowling and the Courtroom of Muggles

Brian Dettmer: insanely creative and gorgeous book autopsies

Makani finished her gorgeous Deathly Hallows illustration of Bella about to Sweeney Hermione.

Scoop on upcoming Tori Amos comic

Near-Impossible Mario Hack

Doctor Who April Fools’ Joke

Adipose Plushie! I want one! It and Squidaped Oyt can be BFFs.

Me: oh my god, I’m a terrible person.
Me: This person used a slightly-crazed-Linguini-from-Ratatouille icon in a Sweeney Todd context, and my brain just went to a terrible place.
Becky: … Oh dear.
Me: “Swing your butcher’s knife wide, ‘Fredo, raise it to the skies…”
Becky: sooo wrong
Me: And now whatserface, the girl, is baking suspicious pies…
Becky: Collette? XD
Me: yes!
Becky: “The Worst Pies In Paris”?
Becky: … God, we are so AWFUL
Me: yupyup!
Me: I really want to draw this now
Me: Remy with dark eyemakeup, smiling cutely and holding a razor
Becky: … I dare you to do it. XD
Me: heeeeeee
Me: Okay! Anton Ego, rather than being A Force For Awesome at the end, reveals Linguini’s scam and decries them, and Linguini goes to jail for violation of health codes and whatnot. Because he and Remy are still friends, Remy tries to go with him, in hopes that he can sneak Linguini food or grab the guard’s keys or whatnot. But Ego snatches Remy away to be his personal cooking slave, because dude, that was some delicious ratatouille.
Me: Linguini languishes in prison for several years (can’t be too long, because rats don’t live that long), then escapes somehow and makes his way back to Paris, eager to rekindle his love for Collette and rescue Remy.
Me: But Gusteau’s is long since replaced, perhaps by one of Skinner’s fast food joints. He finds Collette, who has been effectively blacklisted by all great restaurants for her part in the rat scam, and bakes pies for a living. She can’t afford proper materials and has lost her love of cooking, but cooking is the only thing she’s studied, so she can’t really do anything else. Her pies suck.
Me: Meanwhile, Remy had initially resisted Ego and refused to cook for him, but prolonged exposure to unsanitary and uncomfortable living conditions (with brief, tempting snatches of views inside Ego’s sumptuous kitchen) broke his will, and he finally conceded to cook for him. He is, after all, a chef at heart. He futilely dreams that perhaps his delicious cooking will soften Ego’s cruelty and Ego will speak up on Linguini’s behalf and get his prison term shortened. Ego never does.
Me: His life destroyed, Linguini seeks revenge…
Becky: Your brain scares me. ;)
Me: Man, Pixar will never hire me now. :D

Holy cow. I just saw Ratatouille, which is FREAKING GENIUS AND PROOF GOD EXISTS AND LOVES US. And God’s name is Brad Bird.

Good grief, people, I was flipping out over a PIECE OF BREAD. A PIECE OF BREAD. The modeling, texturing, and rendering of the food was absolutely exquisite and miles beyond any CG movie I’ve ever seen. The stylization of the characters was delightful, their animation was EXTRAORDINARY (especially Linguini’s), and they all had such depth and personality! I genuinely cared for every one of them. Then the cinematography and lighting were out of this world, and the story was energizing and positive and will be appreciated by people of all ages.


Since when does Ratatouille have a podcast? Oh well. This video about animating Linguini is absolutely fantastic. Why is it not June 29th right now?

*checks out iTunes* DUDE! There are six episodes so far! *runs off to watch them*

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, high-def video of the 9 glorious minutes of Ratatouille Pixar released today. Oh, Pixar! Why won’t you hire me?

Speaking of Pixar and the godlike Brad Bird, Daily Bulletin speculates that Bird may have a hand in the John Carter of Mars movie. I was somewhat dismayed when I heard Disney/Pixar had bought the rights, as I loathed the book, but if Brad Bird were behind it? I have no doubt he could whip even that chauvinistic claptrap into brilliance. Kind of wish he’d do something original, though.

Edit: Apparently The Daily Bulletin is just super-gullible and bought into UpcomingPixar’s April Fools Day joke. Thank goodness!

In other news, Nathan Fillion is the most wonderful person ever