Mac Users: Get the Serenity trailer at 1280×544 resolution. 1280×544! GOOD GRAVY ON A STICK.

Windows Users: Until Quicktime 7 becomes available for Windows, download a PC-friendly version here from Whedonesque contributor TaraLivesOn. I just watched it with nary a hitch, and it’s GORGEOUS. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

1280×544! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *licks screen* It almost makes up for the lack of trailerage in front of HHGTG, as rumored. Next week, after everything is done, I’m going to have to go screencap mad, if someone hasn’t already. :D

(Hey, now that we have a real trailer, do you think Joss will release the teaser he showed at ComicCon? The fans demand a version that’s actually watchable!)

I think this is a good sign for Serenity. Apple using Serenity as a marketing tool? Huzzah and woot! Other good omens: Serenity tops Yahoo! buzz log, Firefly DVDs rank #5 on Amazon’s Top Rated DVDs, and today’s Penny Arcade centers around the preview showings. Plus reviews on AICN: 1, 2, and 3 (spoiler safe!) and a supposedly “glowing” review from MovieHole.net, though I didn’t read it because of spoilers. Also, coming soon: a Serenity RPG. Zounds.

Serenity: 9
Fox Execs: 0
The Fans: 784,542,489,356,873 3/4

Mmm, yesterday way fabulous. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders! After driving myself to insanity week after week, I just let myself relax. It was Ko’s last day in Philly (she leaves today at 3), so we decided to go out with a bang!

We watched “Once More With Feeling” and two episodes of Firefly (“Safe” and “Ariel”), then I took a nap, then we saw Hitchhiker’s Guide, which was utterly fabulous. Then we finished off the evening with ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. Ko got “Appley Ever After”, which is quite possibly the most delicious ice cream in world history. It’s exactly like eating the best apple pie in the universe. Then I slept for 12 hours. In the morning, Ko and Nikki entertained themselves trying to wake me up, to no avail. “Cellie, I’m leaving!” Ko shouted. “Spike is naked, and I’m stealing your Firefly DVDs!”

Truly, I sleep like the dead.

I still haven’t really recovered any higher brain functions from the abuse I’ve been putting my mind and body through the past few weeks, but I’m happy, so it’s all good. I leave a week from today, huzzah!

Just got back from the computer animation lab, where I had been since 8AM yesterday. Very nearly finished with my animation: out of a minute and 43 seconds, I just have to add an already-established walk cycle to an 8-second shot. Josh was very understanding (a lot of us weren’t satisfied with our final work), so after the critique, he told us we could take back our DV tapes and re-submit them on Thursday. Woot! Of course, also due Thursday is the opening sequence animation I had planned for our final project in Virtual World Design. Feh.

In honor of the new Serenity trailer, I’ve been listening to the makeshift Firefly soundtrack while animating. It’s actually going much more smoothly than I expected. Just as long as I have something to turn in!

In the past 15 hours (19 – 4 hours sleep), I have animated 45 seconds of footage. Sure, the animation itself is relatively simple, but BOOYEAH I’M GOOD. “Don’t mess with me, punk!“, sayeth Hattie.

In other news, my animation professor has “How to make Roast Turkey and Enchiladas” in the tutorial section of his website. I laughed.

Hah! Got Hattie’s walk cycle! I’m feeling like a bit of a moron. As soon as I just drew out on paper the corresponding numbers to each animated object for each time unit, it was ridiculously easy. Maybe if I tried actually thinking through stuff before I tried to animate it, I’d have better luck in the future. Durr.

I triumph with the power of mathematics! *strikes pose, munches Cheez-Its*

Why do I suck at walk cycles? They really shouldn’t be this difficult! This must be the 8th time I’ve started over on Hattie because everything was so messed up! ARRRRRRRGH.

*grins* Today’s M-W Word of the Day is “detritus”. Shout-outs to all the Discworld fans! XD

Oh, and tonight’s Lost will be the big Recap-O-Rama for the uninitiated or those that need a refresher. If I remember correctly, it will go over the stories of Jack, Charlie, Locke, and Sawyer. Not totally sure those are the correct four, but I don’t want to take the time to look it up. I know Jack and Charlie are two of them.

Meanwhile, link ganked from Schlien. The toads are a ‘splodin!