Bleh. Yesterday was scary. I couldn’t stand up long enough to make myself food without getting dizzy and nearly blacking out and/or throwing up, so I didn’t actually eat anything until like 5pm. And because the only food I had in the fridge was leftover take-out, I had to contend with veggie fried rice. Guess it doesn’t help to live above a grocery store when you can’t stand up for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Today, while a HUGE improvement over yesterday, I’m still feeling vaguely nauseous and sleepy, despite only being awake for a sum total of about 6 hours yesterday. I called in sick again at work, saying I’d try to be in at noon. However, just as I was getting dressed, I was suddenly hit with another bout of TMI, so that didn’t happen. I should be fine by tomorrow, but urgh. Unpleasant.

Fortunately, Jayna (a girl my roomie and I knew from Hockaday) is staying with us for the weekend, and she made toast for me. I feel much less miserable just having someone around.

I got to attend the WGA Solidarity Rally in Washington Square Park yesterday! I arrived too late to see John Edwards speak, but I got to hear from awesome folks like Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, and Aasif Mandvi. Sweet!

For those that don’t know what’s going on (have you been living under an internet-rock?), here’s The Writers Strike Explained. Meanwhile, the writers continue to raise awareness of the fact that they aren’t being paid for their writing appearing online by writing online material for free. I can’t be the only one tickled pink by the irony. :D Here are some of my favourite videos:

The Daily Show writers’ thoughts on the strike

WGA Strike: A Love Story

How I Spent My Internet Download Residuals

Classic Movie Lines Without Writers

Ninjas support the writers!

In other news, six years ago, The Daily Show did a spoof on reality TV with “Pitch,” in which “Average, everyday Hollywood producers are locked in a house for three months and given one simple task: come up with more ideas for reality programs.” EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ideas they generated is better than these actual game shows for the spring 2008 season. I weep.

I HAVE AN iPHONE! ALSO LEOPARD! The universe, she smiles.

Mmm, early birthday festivities are the best kind! November 23rd, by the way. :D I’ll be 23 on the 23rd, which I’ve been looking forward to since one of my childhood friends turned 7 on the 7th.

Suggestions for ringtones are welcome!

Ooh! I’ve been holding off on getting an iPhone because I kept hearing rumblings of the Gphone, but now that I know it won’t be coming out for another year… gimmie!

More on the Gphone here, for those interested. The G stands for Guuuurgle.

I’ve finally gotten around to posting my artsy photos from the massive Sappy Lincoln Narratives road trip, from the beginning of this summer. Maybe someday I’ll actually write a blog entry about it! See photos from Dinosaur National Monument, Arches, Mesa Verde, The Grand Canyon, Antelope Point, Zion, Grand Canyon Caves, and Havasupai!


Then hurrah, the Doctor Sketchy’s tradition continues! See my drawings here!


I had to stay in and work through lunch on Friday, but with Variety conjecturing that the strike may extend into 2008, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to show support.