My homework load makes baby Jesus cry.

[] Physics quiz tomorrow. I’ve barely even glanced at the material.
[] CSE Homework 2 due at 5pm on Sunday. Of course, I’ll be at Courtney and Ryan’s Halloween party Saturday night, which I’ve been looking forward to for months, and I’m not about to bow out.
[] Math quiz in Monday’s recitation, worth 5% of my grade.
[] CSE Midterm on Monday, as well, worth 25% on my grade.
[x] Film research paper topics due Tuesday, October 31st. I think I have mine more or less worked out.
[] Fairy Tales essay due Wednesday, November 1st, worth 30% of my final grade.
[x] Also read a bunch of variations of the fairy tale “Donkeyskin” for Wednesday, November 1st.
[] And read Robin McKinley’s Deerskin (375 pages) for the same class.
[] Physics Midterm on Thursday, November 2nd. I am going to die.
[] Math Midterm on Tuesday, November 7th, preventing me from doing any real volunteer work on Election Day. Bah.
[] Read a lot of variations of “Hansel and Gretel,” and read Louise Murphy’s The True Story of Hansel and Gretel (300 pages) for Wednesday, November 8th.

But you know what makes the Baby Jesus laugh and sing and dance again? Ben & Jerry’s “American Pie” on a banana nut waffle. Thank you, Baby Jesus, for the gifts my stomach is about to receive.

Rock on, New Jersey.

While I won’t be satisfied until gay marriage is legalized nationwide with all the rights and benefits awarded to same-sex couples, with so much of the nation opposed, I feel like this is the path the country has to take for the time being. With the denial of the “marriage” buzzword, I feel like many of the opponents of same-sex marriage will have less “moral” ground to stand on, and the ruling will be less likely to be overturned. Then like the ending of slavery, the rise of women’s suffrage, desegregation, and every other great movement to equalize society, Americans will slowly realize that it’s not the end of the world, and the wheel of progress will roll on.

Of course this ruling isn’t enough. But it’s a big step in the right direction.

Hey, speaking of the Conservative “gay marriage” bogeyman… I’ve noticed that a lot of publications are actually calling it gay marriage, and I wouldn’t put it past the right wingers to try to work their base into a frenzy talking about the gay marriage “threat.” I wonder if someone could analyze the ratio of publications that incorrectly refer to it as gay marriage, and compare the conservative-leaning publications/writers with those with a liberal bent.

Wow. The new Firefox 2.0 is sexy with a capital S, and if you’re not using it now, this is the perfect time to switch! Go here to download, or here to check out LifeHacker’s tour in screenshots.

See this article from the Washington Post.

Annapolis, Md.: Where did you grow up? What were you like in high school? Super cool?

John Hodgman: Brookline, Mass., is the answer. In high school I got very good grades and was well liked by all students and teachers. I was cool if having long hair and wearing a fedora and in general dressing like Dr. Who is cool.

(Hint: it isn’t).

I wish someone had given me that hint. But there it is.

That is all.

Washington, D.C.: I believe dressing like Dr. Who is cool, as long as you have the scarf.

John Hodgman: That is not a question, and yet, you are correct. And yes, there was a long scarf involved.

That is all.

Anyone that digs up pictures of Young John Hodgman wins the Internet’s firstborn! Is the internet capable of reproducing, you ask? Well, according to Bush, there are multiple “internets,” and according to Ted Stevens, the internet has “a series of tubes”… I need to go to sleep.

(Oh! My box of Replacement Stuff for What CollegeBoxes Lost from Bed Bath and Beyond arrived today (er, yesterday)! My new lamp >> the universe.)

I finally put the finishing touches on my Thomas and Justine drawing today, and here it is! Please comment in my LJ so that I don’t feel like a complete chump. And if you could comment on the PICTURE that took me hours upon hours rather than the ICON which took me five minutes, that would be nice. But that’s a rant for another day…

Also, wow. Did I never post my CG of the Carpenters in my blog? I posted it everywhere else. Zounds. Anyway, that’s here!

In other news, me + computer science = WIN. I’m still going to die on Thursday, but WIN nonetheless.

You know how I got to go to that fabulous event on the 5th with John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, David Rees, and Amy Sedaris? I finally digitized the tape, and I will now share it with you for your listening pleasure. To my great glee, the entire 30 minute Hodgman/Coulton presentation recorded, though the dying batteries cut out eight minutes into David Rees. Huzzah!

Listen to:

The Philadelphia 215 Festival is love. Also Audacity. And Duracell.

For those that missed it the first time around, my entry about the event is here, plus photos and assorted merriments here.

Just watched The Little Mermaid again. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS MOVIE. Disney, if your Rapunzel is not a musical, we are going to have words. Of course, seeing as how Kristin Chenoweth is currently cast in the role, you’re well on your way to making me a happy camper.

I’m currently listening to the audio book of The Hostile Hospital, eighth book in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Kalm” said Sunny, which meant something like “I can’t read very well, but I think this says ‘Sequel to Serenity.'”

“You’re right, Sunny,” said Klaus. “It’s the wrong one.”

Oh, Lemony Snicket. I know that the way my brain interpreted this exchange isn’t at all what you had in mind, but still. That’s just mean. XD

WOAH! 179 Photos from Hogfather! I’m really happy with what I’m seeing: Teatime, Bilious, Poker-Wielding Susan, Ponder, Ridcully, Albert… spot-on! Nobby is disappointing, though. Maybe the actor’s mannerisms will make up for his appearance. The sets seem to be missing that extra “kick” that fills my fantasy-movie heart with joy (someone described them as “very BBC”), but come on. A DISCWORLD MOVIE. ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I wouldn’t complain if was made with sock puppets.

And bonus: You can see the other movie about a skeleton playing Santa Claus TOMORROW! Yes, The Nightmare Before Christmas opens in IMAX-3D in a few short hours.