Gmail users with extra invite codes: consider donating your extra codes to, an organization set up to make gmail accounts available for troops overseas. Its speedy interface and large amount of free space make it very attractive to servicemen and women, who can take advantage of the gig of free space to store movies and photos from loved ones, without having to worry about having to delete them. Sounds good? Donate now!

And for those of my readers who want an invite code themselves, I still have a couple left over (they gave me 6 and I’ve donated 3 so far). Let me know in the comment field if you want one.

My lovelies! Update your address books!

My email address is now priscellie(at)theninemuses(dot)net — with the @ replacing (at) and the . replacing (dot) of course; gotta do something to deter the spam bots — or priscellie(at)gmail(dot)com. I rarely check, as it has been overtaken by spam and tries to eat my brain lest I retain constant vigilance. So don’t email me there. Email me at one of the priscellie addresses, and life will be good. I switched over a couple months ago, but I’m still getting mail from friends at priscilla@tnm.n, so yeah. (And I use the gmail account with amazon, for those of you cool like Renata that feel like sending me discounts. :D)

Email me if you want my snail mail address at school. Postcards and such are always welcome, as are giant shipping crates that open to reveal scantily clad Sean Maher/Billy Boyd/Alan Cumming/James Marsters/Chris Rankin/etc, eager to serve me hot chocolate and give me foot massages, or smile at me in a really adoreable way, or read the phone book, depending on the guh-factor of the individual’s accent. I’m not picky.

So… yeah. That’s all I have to say about that. :D

Updated WIAN a smidge. Favourite new entry other than Phineas Nigellus: Amarillo Lestoat. Bwahaha, I love it when JKR is unflinchingly mean.

I AM SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! I had to do a crazy dance around the house before I could even sit down at my desk long enough to write a blog entry! I am so proud of my etymological researching skills right now I could explode.

I got an email this morning from a teacher thanking me for my efforts on WIAN, saying that she frequently references my website when teaching her class, and offering a suggestion for “Hedwig” her students came up with. This motivated me to get back to work and try to get a lot more headway in the updating of WIAN before getting back to school.

So for the last hour, I’ve been trying to figure out where the Phineas came from in Phineas Nigellus, Sirius Black’s great-great-grandfather. I looked into at least six different Phineases (Phineai?) from history, literature, and myth, before randomly considering the similar “Phinehas,” which I learned was an ancient Egyptian word for a black person. I AM SO GOOD.

I think this is the proudest I’ve ever been of myself etymology-wise. The closest I can think of to being this WIAN-happy is when I read The Akashic Record’s take on “auror,” which had been bugging me for ages. But this was a seemingly impossible name I figured out on my own, and I am therefore fabulous! MAN today is a good day. is my new love affair.

Edit: Oops, I lied. Phinehas was the name of a person whose name derived from “black person” in Egyptian. Close enough. But he was the son of a high priest, and found guilty of “irreverence in doing his priestly duties.” Somehow that phrase makes me laugh a lot.

Various Mini Blog Entries Compressed to One:

Ganked from Rebecca M, how come no one told me of this website‘s existence?

Also, Mimi is awesome, because she randomly linked here, which made my day, because I spent a pathetic amount of time yesterday trying to remember how to spell “floccinaucinihilipilification.”

Renata might be interested to know: Yahoo! News — Kevin Smith plans “Clerks” sequel

Today (meaning the 28th) is Billy Boyd’s birthday! Mmm, Scot-oh-my-heart! The man with the golden philtrum! A core member of my Devastatingly Attractive Man Squad! Stripey-Panted Wonder in one film and Prince of the Halflings in another. Gurgle.

Oooooh! Roll call who’s still in Dallas! The director’s cut of Donnie Darko is at the Inwood! We must party!

(Hmm. When I get sick of this blog layout–estimated time 1-4 days–I think I’ll do a Donnie Darko themed one. That would be entertaining.)

Whee! Mum and I got the fabric for the Sally costume this afternoon! I can’t wait to start piecing it together.

Delirium! That’s it! Thanks to gg_83 (by the way–do I know you by another name?) for providing me with mental solace. I knew there was some other character I had thought of that I was considering for Halloween, and that was it. But I talked with my mom this evening about going as Sally, and I definitely want to go for it. It will require warp speed, but we shall prevail! I’m now skimming through the movie, snapping up references for the dress. Whee!