Wow, I feel like absolute crap.

If I were allowed to ask one question to whatever higher intelligence(s) is responsible for our construction, I would ask why the heck do women have periods. It makes no sense! Why can’t we just reabsorb all the nutrients and stuff that we’d be losing? If it’s supposed to be the ideal environment for a baby to grow, and it’s being shed, then why can’t we get all the iron and stuff back instead of making us deficient? And then we wouldn’t feel like we’d had our bodies turned inside out, then been hit by a bus for a week out of the month. Bah, no wonder so many women turn Feminazi. Men should WORSHIP us for what we have to go through.

Double-yay! I’m probably going to be able to double-minor in Fine Arts and Theatre really really easily. With my current schedule, I’ll already be able to qualify for the Fine Arts minor. I HEEAAAAAAAAART you, DMD! *has fifty thousand DMD babies*

Glory is ours! The citywide scavenger hunt was unfortunately scheduled on a day doomed to end in thunderstorms. The other two teams called it quits significantly before we did, so sweet victory smiles upon our rain-ravaged countenance. I guess that this is the only sort of result you can expect from a team led by someone named Abraham L.!

Sam: Sex is great.

Sam: And therefore, I write about it.

Tai: It’s fun to write!

Sam: *nods*

Sam: *glances around* Having stopped conversation entirely, I move onward…

Wah! Oh Philadelphia comic shops, why must you be so far away? 20th street… 14th street… 6th street. And here I am at 33rd. Arr. *looks to see how I would get there on the demented Philadelphia subway system*

Pics around the campus. Meme?

Hill & environs:

Construction next to our dorm

Dining is below the main floor

See? like this.

The Moat

The windows

The “drawbridge”

Other windows, and another, and one more.

The Lifts, for use in move in.

And again

one more

“The Apotheosis of Franklin,” Wyeth


Irvine Auditorium

The stage

Irvine’s monstrous organ

and more pipes

Labled “Logan,” but I think it’s really Irvine


A leafy canopy outside the art building

Levine, the new computer science building. Classy and glassy.

Yeah! Go female engineers! Woo! Erm… yeah.

the cobble

Gleeeeeee! I met no Alan Cumming or Billy Boyd soundalikes, but I did meet a lot of kindred spirits. I met a representative from The Dining Philosophers, a computer science club that (among many other things) offers Linux classes to make the transition to Sophomore compsci easier (and I’ve always wanted to learn Linux and Unix), and their first meeting is a Movie Night, which will most likely be Spaceballs. And the DMD students are invited to join Penn’s chapter of SIGGRAPH, and that’s just beyond cool. And apparently, DMD students are in significantly more demand than the other Engineering students, which is saying a LOT.

People make computer jokes! I am surrounded by Nerd-Savvy! Hurrah for Engineering and DMD! *prances* The only downside is that as a female in computer science, I am hit on shamelessly. Wah. One of said students made a joke about the professor’s accents, and I mentioned my fondness for accents, and he was like, “I’m told that I have a really strong New York accent. Does that qualify?” and I was just amused. It’s going to be a great four (or however many) years.

I imagine I’ll get to meet some of the DMD students today, as we have a meeting for the Engineering school. Therefore, I shall wear my “Molybdenum is the Answer” t-shirt. I predict the following will happen.

Random Engineer: Hey, what does your shirt mean?

Me: It’s a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Molybdenum has an atomic number of 42.

All Engineers: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Really Hot Engineer #1: The Hitchhiker’s Guide? Wow, what impeccable taste in literature. Perchance are you familiar with the works of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling, various other nifty authors, and then stuff like the movie versions ofX-Men and Lord of the Rings?

Me: Yay!

Really Hot Engineer #2: Hey, I’m told that my accent sounds quite a lot like Billy Boyd’s. And Percy is not evil. Will you be my girlfriend?

Really Hot Engineer #1: But I have just developed a formula that will transform me into Alan Cumming, except not gay. I will speak to you in Scottish and German accents. I will read the phone book to you. And I’ll give you shoulder massages and vote Howard Dean. Could you love a man such as I?

Me: Meeble wrble sculp.