ARGH, why do I have to be right all the time? Just heard back from ebay. It was fake. *kicks stuff*

Oh well. At least it gave my adrenals a workout.

You are a human hair wig. You are porous. BLEACH LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO.

The strongest bleach at the store has been on the wig for over four hours when it’s only supposed to take like 45 minutes to get a dramatic change, and AAAARG why didn’t I buy the blond wig even though I didn’t like the cut, because at least then I know I could have dyed it properly and I’d end up with the appropriately Molly-esque cotton candy pink and blue colors instead of the mud I’m probably going to end up with now?

At least the weird bleach stains on my forearms where the gloves ended seem to have gone away.

So the wireless internet in my dorm was down for SEVEN HOURS today. And I have a midterm tomorrow, and because we have no official textbook, all the study materials were online. So rather than getting started studying at about 3pm, my hands were tied until shortly after 10. I kind of want to scream and throw things. Fortunately, the midterm is open-notes, so hopefully I’m not doomed.

My god! American Idol next door sounds like a yowling cat. I want to knock on his door, then when he answers it, throw an old boot at him.

Looking through my latest posts, I see I have not properly documented this boy’s exploits. I can summarize in a few simple points. He:

  • Couldn’t hit a high note even if a friend held the high note still, so that it couldn’t fight back.
  • Could probably carry a tune in a bucket, but at least half of it would slosh over the sides and fall in the mud.
  • Has been singing “Hallelujah” almost nonstop for the past week. Dude, I can deal with you singing badly, but you do NOT get to do so with that song.
  • Has so far ignored *two* of my requests to please go downstairs to one of the soundproofed music practice rooms if he’s planning on singing another 20-30 minutes straight. That’s what they’re FOR.
  • Used to have a Rick Santorum sticker on his door. Just saying.


For the handful of Dresden fans in my readership, they posted Chapter 1 of White Night on Jim’s website.

And OMG, my childhood! Salute Your Shorts and Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirts!

Judging from auditory data collected over the past several days, it seems the boy in the room next door has joined an a capella group. Listening to him try to hit high notes is fun. *drowns his singing out with the audio book of Brave New World, for my Sci-Fi class*

ARGH. I set my DVR correctly, but for some unfathomable reason, it recorded SciFi instead of NBC, so I missed Heroes and the first ten minutes or so of Studio 60 while at class. Grrr, Pris smash!

Come on, NBC website, let’s get that episode up! Grr, I bet they’re not going to post it until it’s aired on the West coast. Oh, NBC, why can’t you be more like Comedy Central, which has nothing better to do than air like 4 reruns of Daily Show and Colbert Report each weekday? Why is the next rerun of Heroes on FRIDAY?

Stupid DVR. Why do you fail me now, when you have never failed me before? That I can remember, at least.