I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for Henry VIII-related history. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that before she married Henry, Catherine Parr (his last wife; she outlived him) lived in Snape Hall! Ha! Then William Cecil, the numero-uno advisor to Queen Elizabeth (one of Henry’s daughters), turned the hall into an Elizabethan ‘Castle’ by adding the towers and battlements in 1587. ::giggles:: I can’t wait to tell Ms. Radtke, my English teacher. We read “A Man for All Seasons” (a play about Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More) this year, and I’m also the one who got her hooked on Harry Potter. Yay! Ooh, and I lent the French edition to Mme. Hanlon, my French teacher, and she loves them. We’re probably going to mention them a whole lot more in class now. ::evil cackle::

Last night… I had a dream. I found myself in a desert called Cyberland. It was hot! My canteen had sprung a leak and I was thirsty. Out of the abyss… walked a cow. Her name was Elsie.

::cackles insanely:: Tanja is my hero. Who else but a Swussian genius could invent something so brilliant as a Lockhart/Snape pairing! ::laughs continuously for about 10 minutes; scares young children::

Last night, my friend Nancy had a sleepover at the last minute. I went to her house after rehearsal for H2$ (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), then we went to Chilis. We always have the most fun meals at Chilis. I think it’s going to be the official restaurant of the JETS. We were all incredibly hyper and we had the most hilarious waiter with the most spectacular timing I’ve ever seen. He came to the table for the drink order at the exact moment that we started trying to scare Chungy with sexual inuendo. Then, when Erin Flynn and I decided to draw our interpretations of “Fluffy Boy” (Goku) and the rest of the steroid-hyped cast of DragonBall Z (the most idiotic anime in history, in my opinion), I put my drawing in the middle of the table so Nancy could see it (then proceed to beat me up). Then the waiter comes by and sees the drawing. I’ll try to post it here. I think I brought the napkins home. He gave us the weirdest look.

Then, we went off to rent some videos. By this time, we were in the aftermath of a torrential downpour, and cruising along some residential streets blissfully unaware that the tread in Nancy’s back tires was virtually nonexistent. When Nancy started to brake for a light, we suddenly went into a spin and flipped around nearly 180 degrees. I, for one, was screaming my lungs out, considering that I was in the passenger seat and therefore the first to die. Driver’s Ed paid off. We managed to avoid crashing into the car in front of us or play chicken for the oncoming traffic. We were all shaking when we went into Blockbuster’s.

I wanted a funny movie. Nancy, Erin, and Christine didn’t care. Chungy wanted a grotesque, terrifying, violence-ridden movie. I protested. We went home with “The Bone Collector” and a promise that we would watch one of Nancy’s funny movies afterwards. I read a bunch of Nancy’s Star Wars and X mangas, then succummed to watching Bone Collector with everybody else. Then we watched the anime of X (completely cool, even though they mostly just stood around the whole time). I fell asleep in the middle. In the morning, Nancy subjected us all to Dragonball Z (dear god no!), then Erin made her turn on Evangelion. I absolutely loved it. If I had a DVD, I would have forced her to lend it to me. Did anyone else notice that the camera kid is named Aida? How freaky is that! I kept expecting him to burst into Elton John music.

Has everybody seen these? Hehe, this is so nifty. Hermione looks like she’s about to lay the smackdown on Harry and Ron. And I love that expression on Dudley’s face. And the boater! Ha! But Ron looks seriously disturbed in that third pic. (tee hee! I wrote “siriusly” at first!) And where are McGonnagall’s glasses! And Dumbledore is going to give me nightmares. What’s with that hat? And his beard looks fake. Bah! And Snape (I think it’s Snape… he’s sitting next to Quirrel) looks even more messed up than I imagined. Of course, Rickman is going to be an awesome Snape. I’ll just keep imagining him saying “By Grapthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged” all througout the movie. And what’s this in the last pic? DAN’S HAIR IS TOUSSLED! THERE IS A GOD!!! erm… yeah.

I love girl scouts. Or more specifically, girl scout cookies. I think we should be able to get Thin Mints all year long. I love those things! They’re just so thin and minty! I’m just a bit curious as to how they manage to fit 2 grams of fat into every one of those tiny cookies. Those things are almost 30% fat. Gah! How dare I burst my own bubble! ::goes off to sulk with box of cookies:: Of course, they’re also over 35% sugar….

Great day! Hurrah! In P.E., we did this hilarious aerobics thing with all these 80’s people. I realized just so untalented I am. Then there was this idiot “comic relief” guy in the back wearing a Hawaiian shirt and one of those doofy backwards visor hat things. He’s my hero. Then after Math class, we had this “Aim for Success” abstinence talk, and it was absolutely hilarious. Then we got out a French test to work on our artist projects! YES! ::cackles evilly::

How messed up. This entry posted twice. Now isn’t that strange! Take this opportunity to think about the glory of cheese.

The stage manager for my production of “How to Succeed” looks exactly how I imagine Percy Weasley. It’s scary. His name is Ricky, and I keep wanting to call him Percy. Oy. I’m going to try to get a picture of him to post here, but I have no idea how to take one without arousing suspicion. Any ideas?