Who was one of few recommended to Disney by her faculty advisor for a Summer Internship?

1. She’s sitting in my chair.
2. She’s wearing my clothes.
3. Her name is Remus Lupin Priscilla Spencer.

I randomly stopped by Amy’s after class to float my idea of a day trip to NYC next Saturday to see the Pixar exhibit at the MoMA. Next door, in the HMS lab, a Chinese New Year party was in full swing. Over some delicious Chinese food, I got to chat with Amy, Norm, and some DMD/CGGT students about resumes, ways of controlling the HMS Lab’s mouse problem (suggestion: a Burmese python, a gecko, or some form of raptor), and the Disney/Pixar merger. I was also randomly comissioned by a professor to do a quick model and render of a carbon nanotube.

I’m now working on my resume, so that I’ll be up for consideration for an interview with Disney. Bweeeee!