Is Andromeda (Black) Tonks’ hair color canon? For some reason, I was thinking it was red, but with blonde and black hair already represented by her sisters, having a redhead in the mix would make me wonder about the haircolor of the Black family mailman. Unless, of course, Narcissa and Draco get their blonde genes from Miss Clariol.

Woohoo! Good news for UK-based Dresden fans. The TV movie/backdoor pilot will be aired in Jolly Old! From TV & Satellite Week:

Sky One is working with Nicholas Cage’s production company to make a new drama about a private eye with magical powers. British actor Paul Blackthorne, who has appeared in 24 and ER, will play the lead role of the sleuthing Chicago-based wizard in The Dresden Files, based on the novels by Jim Butcher.

And speaking of TV, I got my DVD Recorder today! *does a merry dance*

Two weeks ago, the weather was in the 30s.
One week ago, the weather was in the 60s.
Last week, the weather was in the 30s.
Last weekend, the weather was in the 60s.
Today, the weather is once again in the 30s.

With no middle ground.

Hey weather gods — MAKE UP YOUR MIND. *bundles up spitefully*

In other news, after a good night’s sleep, I’m feeling marginally better about Little Shop of Horrors. I talked to one of the girls on the board, and she said that the Ensemble will only be called a couple times before Spring Break, and will basically only have a month of rehearsals. Therefore, I’ll be able to continue to devote myself to Siggraph, my Independent Study, and pursuing The Boy. Win!

Well, I’m in the Ensemble. I’m disappointed, but after the shock of not making callbacks, I’m not at all surprised. It’ll still be a lot of fun, and I’ll be paying back the Theatre Gods for all those plush roles.

Hey look at all the Director, who had a lead role in Cabaret! Hey, look at all the girls that were called back that were also in Cabaret! I’m going to sleep before I get any more depressed.