Sam Seder hosts Political Science Theater 3000

This Tuesday night at 7, join Air America Radio’s “The Majority Report” for Political Science Theater 3000. Sam Seder will be live at the Center for American Progress hosting a live panel before (and during) President Bush’s State of the Union Addess.

After a spirited discussion, when “W” takes the podium at 8, Sam and the others will provide a running commentary about what is sure to be our clueless leader’s latest mangling of the English language.

Panelists include authors of “Get this Party Started” Amy Sullivan, Chris Bowers, and Anna Greenberg, as well as bloggers Judd Legum (Think Progress and CAP) and Duncan Black (Atrios).

Air America Premium members can watch the whole thing live over the “internets” while everyone else can tune into your local affiliates or catch the audio at airamericaradio.com.

I think they’re off by an hour, though. C-SPAN and Fox say it starts at 9.

And just one more week until new House! *does a little dance*