::throws a fit:: Why, why WHY did I try out for Hockaday? Sure, I’m a fairly good actress, but Mr. Blaydes takes seniors. Just because Drama Legend Jennifer Clary got leading roles from 2nd semester sophomore year, on, doesn’t mean I’m in the same boat. I think I did well on my reading, but there are always seniors. Plus, I don’t know if I really look enough like any of the St. Marks guys to be Viola. ::kicks stuff:: I should have tried out for Jesuit. All day, I was lost. No one would give me any advice, leaving me to flounder around on my own. Eventually, I settled on turning on my car CD player after school and going to Jesuit if the track was odd-numbered and Hockaday if it was even-numbered. Curse you, track 16. Now I’m probably going to end up with some chorus part. Arg. ::whines:: Still have a chance, though. Gotta cross my fingers.