It’s snowing! It’s really snowing! Serious snow! Huge, mammoth-sized flakes, too! ::dances merrily:: Please let them call off school…



You are a crazy little thing. You put friendship above love and don’t really understand why everyone is so eager to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. You’d prefer to just sit at your computer altogether, but you love your friends too much.

::is amused::

I was reading Avarice’s LJ for no particular reason (just because she’s good friends with Sandra, genius-creator of Boy Meets Boy), when I saw a list of many things she was giggling about at the moment. One item was “thinking of galadriel as Priscilla”. I begin flailing, as I had no idea that she knew me or read my blog or LJ or whatever. I ponder what connection we could possibly have, and why anyone would compare me with Galadriel. Then I read the next item on the list and see that she’s talking about “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. This really, really amuses me. I love my name.

::flails in antici… pation:: Kell, what’s the estimated time of arrival for the Sundowner remake?

Meanwhile, I finally burned copies of Jekyll and Hyde. Soon I won’t have to keep dragging my disc changer to and from my car seven times a day. Muaha.

Today I’m going to do five hours of community service at The Science Place. The Community Service folk decided to be evil to the theatre people (everyone is evil to the theatre people. We have a research paper deadline the first day after the musical is over, giving us virtually no time to do preliminary research on our topic, and still demanding a bunch of notecards. Bah) and making the Community Service deadline the day after winter break. Therefore, this weekend I work my rear end off on Community Service, the paper, and the V-Day project. Next weekend, I spend my life at school for the musical. The weekend after that, winter break, I’m going college hopping. Lunatics. When are the theatre folk supposed to get anything done? ::sighs:: Why have I been complaining so much the past few days?

Anyway, I hope I get to run the Harmonograph. It’s so nifty. You just stand/sit there, making sure the kiddies don’t touch anything, occasionally changing out paper and markers. And you don’t have to listen to an endless loop of “Having fun isn’t hard/When you’ve got a library card!” from the “Arthur’s World” exhibit thing. I still have nightmares.

Bah. I want to listen to my Jekyll and Hyde CD, but it’s in my car. I’m too lazy to go get it. ::melts into a puddle of unmoving goo:: Next chance I get, I’m burning copies so that I can keep one in my car and one in my room. ::nods sleepily:: I think I’ll work on the Alicey collab today. I have to finish the V-Day cards tomorrow, as I won’t have any time to work on them next week. Stupid “Pajama Game”. ::frowls randomly at nothing in particular::

The fiend! Renata had the opportunity to get a nifty hardcover version of “The Fifth Elephant” for $6 and she passed it up. Bah. ::hearts the Watch:: Maybe if I force her to read “Guards! Guards!” first… ::ponders::

Odd dream. I was watching a not-so-fabulous production of “The Light Fantastic”, and there was chaos everywhere. There were all these wizards running about (played by 8 to 12-year-old girls) in pandemonium, many of them squirming across the stage in enormous animal costumes. A small group of wizards was trying to shield the still-human Librarian to ensure that she wasn’t turned into an orangutan. The girl was a foot shorter than everyone else. It was amusing. Then the dream shifted gears, and I was waiting in a huge line for an ice cream. There was this scary old man who kept harassing the line, trying to coerce us into buying loaves of bread he had just purchased at the grocery store across the street. Then the dream changed again, and I was (against all probability) Vimes. Carrot had dragged me to this city-wide game of Hide-and-Seek, much to my chagrin. Then I woke up. I really wish I had some idea of what in the world this meant, but I think it’s just my mind being ridiculously creative while I’m asleep because I don’t have as much of an outlet during the day. Bah.

Good Percy, Sannali! If you’re so desperate for homework, I can give you some of mine!

I got my research paper back today. 84. Go me! ::grooves:: I knew I wouldn’t get an A, so I’m thrilled. My English grades are usually wretched, so it’s all good. I also got my semester grades in the mail yesterday. Mostly A’s, with a few B’s sprinked about. ::grooves some more:: Now I’m off to the SMU library to do research for my History research paper. I’m so glad we have such freedom in our topics! I don’t have my thesis set in stone yet, but I’m fairly certain that I’m going to write about the social factors influencing the writing of musicals in the early 20th century. Show Boat (1920’s) to West Side Story (1950’s). Or I might write about social commentary in musicals instead. Either way, I’ll keep myself entertained. Muaha!

Today, I was reading this book about said musicals, absorbing details about scene progression and layout and song distribution and such for a dozen shows, simultaneously pondering on how I could apply this knowledge to “Men at Arms”. The other day, I went through the book and dotpointed all the “scene” things, racking up a list of over 100 scene-lets. Over the past few days, I’ve been cutting, rearranging, merging, snipping, and inserting all the scenes into slightly new order, trying to cut down the book into a sizeable piece of writing of suitable length for a musical. Of the original hundred, I’ve already cut it down to fifty. Yowza.

Now I’m off to SMU! Boldly venturing where thousands of students have gone before! Muaha! ::dashes away::