Faith says she wants the next Diary to be Vimes. Cause to ponder. Before, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do Vimes, as the Watch books tend to have a lot of Vimes limited 3rd person POV stuff already. Then I thought of “The Truth” and “The Last Hero”. Muaha. Subject to change, but I think the next will be Vimes in “The Last Hero”. Very amusing. I’m also making progress on Angua in “Men at Arms”, so those two should be posted eventually. Hurrah! Attempting to write from Carrot’s point of view is just scary. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Also high on my list: Vetinari in “Feet of Clay” (muah!), The Luggage (Color of Magic? Interesting Times?), Nobby (Guards! Guards!)

Or possibly: Twoflower (Color of Magic?), Death (Dunno. Jingo?)

Any other suggestions?