Well, today is the moment of truth. I have to decide if I want to reach for a fantastic role (written for someone like me) that I have slim chances of getting with a director I’m not incredibly fond of (who likes me), or if I want to practically be guaranteed one of several silly roles in a play I loathe with the most fantastic director in the universe (who loves me). Viola/Cesario in “The Twelfth Night” or one of countless inanimate, ambiguously gendered objects in “The Little Prince”. I think I’m going to have to go with “Twelfth Night”. It’s the only way I’ll be in Mr. Blayes good book for the musical next year. Mrs. Felice will understand that I just want to try Shakespeare, and that I’d rather try out for Jesuit any day of the week. Rarg.

Faith asks: Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you didn’t draw?

I would have completely different online friends. I met some of the most wonderful people in the world because of a shared interest in drawing. I would probably be some boring engineer when I grew up, instead of being motivated to pursue the field of graphic or product design. I wouldn’t have done so well in my digital photography course, because 3/4 of my success had to do with my mastery of Photoshop from my CGs. Plus, having a Wacom tablet helped! Ugh, not drawing would be hell. What would I do in history class if I couldn’t doodle in the margins? And I never would have been inspired to write “Men at Arms: The Musical” if I hadn’t been initally motivated to draw the scene where Angua imagines Carrot bursting into song. Good lord, that would be hell. So many creative outlets, gone. The JETS t-shirts would probably suck, because we have so few artists, and I’m the one that did our shirts the past two years. In fact, I don’t even know where I’d be in JETS! If I didn’t draw, I wouldn’t have gotten much experience with designing webpages, so I wouldn’t want to ressurect the position of Webmistress. I’d probably have to run against my best friend for the position of Vice-President. Ugh! I wouldn’t have gotten recognition from my school’s Fine Arts website. Yucky. If I didn’t draw, chances are, I’d be a really boring person. I’d probably be off reading or actually doing homework somewhere. ::shudders::

::snickers:: Utter amusement. Someone on StarlingArt just quoted the Brazillian translation of “Good Omens” in her sig file.

H’rah, finally got updated at Fanquarter. I think I’ll move my favourite HP stuff to Fanquarter as well. ::pokes Elfwood’s idiotic HP policy with a stick:: No idea what I’ll keep in Loth. Bah. Maybe my “Apology to all Legolas Fans“, considering how the Elfwood mods have a soft spot for anything LotR-related. But you never know, they may consider it Elvis fanart. ::frowls:: Is there any way to just transfer an image from Loth to a Fanquarter gallery? I don’t want to lose all my comments. Plus, deleting the images from Loth and uploading them to Fanquarter will take twice as long. Mrah.

I’m working on my links section tonight. If you think I love you, give me a comment poke and make sure you’re added. I am lazy, forgetful, and foolhardy. Tralala.