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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First person to make a Sylar fanvid to Jonathan Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" gets a cookie. This will probably require more actual footage of Sylar and therefore take some time for new episodes to come out, but again, "first person." I'm not saying it has to get done now. Additionally, whoever makes a Kara/Leoben fanvid to "Skullcrusher Mountain" gets pie. (Who came up with the Skullcrusher Mountain vid idea? Someone smart and on my flist. If you are she, let me know so that I may lay flowers at your feet.)

So! Veronica Mars, v. good! I'm very much in favor of this "not all mysteries get resolved in the last two episodes" thing. It feels more organic and right. Also Mac + Wallace + Piz + Weevil, all in one episode? Christmas comes early! And I never thought I'd say this, but GOOD FOR YOU, LOGAN! His actions tonight were 100% Priscilla-approved. Pinch me.

Anyway, I'm saving House and last night's Studio 60 for after I finish my paper and Physics midterm on Thursday, so don't spoil me. Back to my paper!

Priscilla said at 9:16 PM

re: Re: Your Brains (had to type it that way) -- hah. That's brilliant. :)
The creators must have said "We don't know if we'll get picked up for the rest of the season, so lets pack it with fan service!"

I want to watch this episode again!
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