Yesterday was keen! I stopped by the comics shop (not a huge selection, but hey! It’s across the street!) to pick up a comic Jimmy recced. They didn’t have it, but they had the fourth trade of Runaways (gotta catch up before Joss takes over), and they randomly had Dave McKean’s Cages! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it, but Amazon is sold out! Bwee!

I also went to Ko’s dance show, which ROCKED THE HOUSE. Ko = talented + brilliant + pretty, curse her! And speaking of her brilliance, she is ONE OF TWELVE FINALISTS FOR THE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS. She just found out last night. There has been so much squee in this room since then, it’s like we’re hosting a convention of Legolas fangirls. She needs to write a 50-word blurb about herself for her Marshall Scholarship interview tomorrow, but because she’s so busy, I hired my five-year-old self to do it for her (I love how my usual handwriting is even messier than that). Unfortunately, five-year-old-me can’t count very well1 and it ended up being 67 words, but I still feel it’s something to be proud of. Especially as it was done in like 80 seconds. :D

1 This is a lie. When my mom was teaching me about the number line at some very young age, I invented negative numbers. Me > Hellenistic Egypt and Europe before the 17th Century.

Did I ever mention my new lamp in my blog? I should have. Because it’s COOLER THAN ANYTHING YOU WILL EVER POSSESS IN YOUR INADEQUATE LIFETIME. I got it a couple weeks ago to replace the one CollegeBoxes lost. And it actually gives off a lot more light than you would expect from that picture, stupid lying camera.

I also met with my computer science TA, and we fixed a problem that had been plaguing me all last week. I’m now in the home stretch of my project!

Speaking of squee (see above, re: RHODES FINALIST), I got to meet the Brothers Quay in my film class on Thursday! If you haven’t seen any of their gorgeous and trippy stop-motion films, do so ASAP!

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