From Twitter 06-28-2010

  • 09:12:45: BEST MORNING EVER! Finished penultimate draft of my essay and sent it off to betas, and discovered that laundromat was still in business!
  • 09:14:30: My favourite jeans are not lost to the universe! The laundromat has just been having serious phone issues. Shall pick up stuff tomorrow.
  • 09:16:35: @Asselberghs I believe everything is sold out, but you’ll have to email them and ask. We’re not privy to that information.
  • 09:53:49: via @jbkuma: For all my dear budget minded foodies: Stuff on there for carnivores and veggies alike!
  • 10:01:03: Can you hear the vuvuzelas, Clarice? #worldcup
  • 10:06:26: Dear Priscilla, Your writing is in the hands of people you respect and respect you in return.
  • 10:06:30: They’ll applaud it where it should be applauded and help you improve the stuff that’s still weak. What are you afraid of? Love, me
  • 10:36:59: @fredhicks HAIL TEAM EVIL HAT!
  • 12:17:49: Dear Priscilla, Relax, you dweeb. You’ve got folks looking out for you. Breathe. Listen to some music. Be happy. :D Love, me
  • 12:22:30: Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks are pure crack.
  • 12:55:38: @rdp1973 Essay for an anthology. Not sure if I’m clear to discuss topic in public. But I’m excited!
  • 13:59:51: It’s food o’clock! But where is the food? *compulsively eats more seaweed snacks*
  • 16:09:39: @ksmccarthy24 *glompcuddles* Let me know if I can do anything to cheer you up in the meantime!
  • 17:49:23: @Esperacchius Dude, keep us updated! Hope you’re getting the help you need.
  • 18:45:26: via @jbkuma: Lawyers ordered to play Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • 23:22:51: My roommate made zucchini bread. She is not allowed to go back to California at the end of the summer.
  • 23:31:04: Tonight, my essay was betaed in stereo by @ksmccarthy24 and @longshotauthor. The world is awesome. Thanks so much, Kat and Jim!

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