From Twitter 06-27-2010

  • 09:30:54: @gypsyjr They are you from an alternate timestream! #wibblywobblytimeywimeystuff
  • 10:15:28: RT @BreakingNews: Ohio couple discovers their 6-year-old daughter is on U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s no-fly list – The Times h …
  • 10:20:00: Let’s see if I can still write with the #worldcup on! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,
  • 10:21:16: #GER scores! Come on, #ENG!
  • 10:22:50: Partially-retracted scope!
  • 10:29:16: Wow! For a second, I could hear crowd chanting over the drone of vuvuzelas!
  • 10:39:12: WHERE’S THE LINESMAN ON THAT ONE? That was IN! #worldcup
  • 10:47:55: Ha! Dudes dressed as Knights Templar! Can we have dudes dressed as Cheesy Vampires and Butterflies, too?
  • 10:50:15: I am so in favor of giving refs access to video replay. Even when bad calls come out in my team’s favor, it frustrates me.
  • 11:39:53: @fourteenacross INORITE?!?!?!!
  • 12:26:17: RT @GailSimone: I think if you’re not offending bigots, you’re not doing life right.
  • 13:21:09: RT @DoctorLongscarf: “The Big Bang” is by far the best Doctor Who series finale ever. Ever. ah -ah- ah …Shh. No debate – EVER. #doctorwho
  • 19:49:06: Hostess at Blossom could be Gwen Cooper’s hippie vegan American sister.
  • 21:36:57: No Leverage for Cellies until they finish their writing. If anyone spoils me, I will tell Parker you messed with her Bunny.
  • 21:40:11: Seitan Scaloppini at Blossom is an ARIA. #maybealittlevegetarian #frenchcuisinekillsbunnies #ARTCRAWL

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