From Twitter 06-29-2010

  • 10:06:31: RT @SteveOnBroadway: 12 more Broadway shows have been announced for the 2010-11 Theatrical Season, but there are no theatres or venues y …
  • 13:41:41: RT @grabman: A visual guide to the season finales for Doctor Who since 2005:
  • 16:08:06: …Holy shamoley. Is Amazon down? I’m searching for an appropriate metaphor, but all I can hear is “RELEASE THE KRAKEN.”
  • 16:58:20: RT @JaneEspenson: Young @thejoelstein masters the xenophobia of an earlier time. Deplore this: (via @TheSpindleSh …
  • 17:53:12: What a wonderful story! Couple married after 62-year engagement:
  • 18:23:57: @beckyh2112 I’d be happy to help! I’ll be on in about an hour and a half.
  • 18:53:14: RT @cinematical: Shyamalan Rants About ‘Airbender’ and Racism (via @cleolinda) // Dance, dance!
  • 20:29:44: @beckyh2112 Sorry I’m late! I’m on now!
  • 23:47:23: Essay is in the hands of my editor! I declare TWITTERBRATION! Give me your most epic macros! BRING FORTH THE VUVUZELAS!
  • 23:50:02: And now, to attend to every other part of my life that has been neglected!
  • 23:55:09: @Dark_Puck Come, my minions, rise for your master! Let your vuvuzelas bleat!

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